Zoom Enables Gesture Recognition in its Desktop App

Zoom Enables Gesture recognition in its desktop app. Zoom updated its desktop app with one of the most used features of the iOS version: gesture recognition.

Starting today, users will be able to raise their hand and the gesture will be recognized in the meeting as a request to speak. The second gesture is thumbs up which when shown to our webcam will automatically translate to an emoji.

Zoom Enables Gesture recognition in its desktop app

Gesture recognition makes its desktop debut eight months after Zoom for iOS. Note that this feature is disabled by default so if you want to use it you will have to activate it in the user account or group.

Using gestures in your video calls isn’t the only new thing. announced zoom a redesign of the blackboard to make it a dedicated option in the app. Zoom whiteboard as it is called in English now integrates directly into desktop clients of Zoom, Meetings and Rooms for touch devices.

The blackboard was Add Very useful for Zoom and now the company wants to promote its use in all applications in its ecosystem. Users can create whiteboards in the main menu or do it directly in the web version of Zoom. Because it is an enduring characteristic, Zoom whiteboard files created or shared by users are stored in the cloud.

Zoom enables one-time passwords

The new update also implements one-time passwords for those who have not enabled two-step verification. If Zoom detects a suspicious connection A password will be emailed to you to log in. This security layer consists of sending a one-time key that will expire when you enter it.

Ultimately, Zoom has improved chat interactions when we make video calls. If the messages increase, the application disables notifications to prevent attendees from being distracted. A tag tool has also been implemented to react to certain words or phrases in a group chat. Administrators can set policies to follow when a user sends an unauthorized message.

Version 5.10.3 for desktop devices It is now available To download. Other features include lobby improvements, increased max capacity in events, emoji reactions in webinars, a centralized survey catalog, an AI-powered sales solution called Zoom IQ, and Moreover.