Youtube PIP iPad: The trick to activate PiP (Picture in Picture) on YouTube on your Mac from Safari

Youtube PIP iPad: The trick YouTube doesn’t want you to know with which you can enable picture-in-picture on your Mac.

PiP, or Picture-In-Picture, is one of the greatest features ever invented. He allows us watch a video in a small floating player that we can move on the screen, hide and change the size. Apple operating systems have been natively compatible with this function for a long time and YouTube is one of the applications you can use.

Although the YouTube app for iPhone only allows PiP in certain countries or only for Premium subscribers, although it can be activated with a trick, the truth is that on Mac we have no problem to be able to activate this display mode. You just have to access a small menu that is a little hidden and not at all accessible.

Youtube PIP iPad: How to Enable?

Really It looks like YouTube wants to hide the option to watch picture-in-picture videos or PiP, although I personally think that’s a mistake. Of course, a lot of people are watching videos in the background, and having the image accessible in a floating window would be a lot more enjoyable and profitable for the brand.

This feature is hidden and if we don’t know how to enable it, you’ll probably never realize how it’s done. So if you want enable picture-in-picture in YouTube on your Machere is what you need to do:

  1. Go to YouTube from Safari and start the video you want to play in PiP.
  2. Right-click on the YouTube video itself.
  3. The native YouTube menu will appear, ignore it.
  4. Right click again and you will see a new menu.
  5. Now click on Enable Picture in Picture.

With two right-clicks on the video, you can enable picture-in-picture on YouTube

As soon as you press you will see how a small floating player with YouTube video in question so you can watch it while you’re in other apps on your Mac. The video in PiP will always be in the foreground, so it will display even if multiple applications are open.

You can resize the video to the size you prefer, pause it, close it or return it to your Safari tab. You can also pin it to any corner of your Mac screen by simply dragging it.

We don’t know why YouTube doesn’t have native button to access the PiP from the Mac, or why it’s hidden behind a double context menu. But now you know how to easily activate it so you can enjoy your favorite videos while doing other things.