Youtube MP3 Converter: How to do online and offline?

If you are thinking of making your playlist with your favorite music from YouTube, you probably want to download it to your device or computer to enjoy it wherever and whenever you want. 

With a youtube mp3 downloader, you can take advantage of this advantage for free and quickly.

Do you want to know more? We will tell you precisely what you need to know to convert youtube to mp3, facilitating the download of music, tutorials, podcasts, and other types of videos.

Learn more about the features of this converter

If you want to convert YouTube videos to mp3, one of your best options is Online Video Converter Pro, where you can take advantage of functions that suit your needs and preferences.

mp3 converter — youtube features:

  • Ability to convert files in high resolution.
  • Great facility to choose the quality for file conversion.
  • Some commercial and specific tools provide advanced features such as cross-platform support.
  • It is possible to download in batches; this function will be handy for downloading the playlists.
  • Along with MP3, most tools will allow you to convert the file to other formats.
  • It is possible to enjoy the conversion from YouTube and other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Online Video Converter Pro is also considered a Facebook video converter, which is very useful for those who find funny videos, audio of a specific song, and other content they want to convert and download on their devices.

Youtube mp3 downloader has never been so easy.

Converting a video to MP3 or MP4 format is very simple when using Online Video Converter Pro. In just 5 simple steps, it is possible to have a successful conversion.

  1. Find the video you want to convert   

On YouTube or other social networks, locate the video you will convert using this tool.

  1. Copy and paste the video URL on the OVC platform  

Copy the link of the online video and paste the URL in the field where it prompts you to paste the URL to start converting.

  1. Select the format  

Next, choose the format you want to download the music video or audio. In this case, you can choose between MP3 and MP4.

  1. Click on “convert.”  

To start the YouTube to mp3 conversion process, click the “convert” button and wait for a few seconds.

  1. Download! (youtube mp4)

Your converted video is ready to download and save to your computer or mobile device. Now you can enjoy it even without an internet connection.

As if that were not enough, you can use this converter from different devices such as Android, iPhone, or a PC with any operating system, be it Windows, Linux, Mac, or others.

In this simple way, it is possible to enjoy content from YouTube, Facebook, and other social networks, whenever you want, even without access to the network. Online Video Converter Pro is a professional tool that offers high-resolution audio results for free.

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Youtube converter mp3 via VLC Media Player – Let us find out

Before converting the video in question to extract the audio, it is important to download the YouTube video you want to work with. This operation can be done with VLC without resorting to other programs or web pages.

You will first have to copy the web address of the video you want to download to the clipboard. Once you have it, open VLC and click on Medium to the top toolbar. From the dropdown menu, select Open network location.

A new window will open, in which you must paste the link you previously copied to the clipboard. Once done, at the bottom, click on Play so that the video opens as if it were downloaded to your computer, although in reality, you will be watching it as if you were on YouTube.

In the player that opens from VLC, you must go to the toolbar and click on Tools. In the dropdown, you must click on Multimedia Information. You will see a prominent link at the bottom where the video is stored locally in the window with numerous data. You will have to copy it and take it to a browser by copying it in the upper address bar.

Once it’s open in the browser, you’ll need to right-click on it and scroll down to Save Video As… . At this point, the file explorer will open to choose the location of the video after downloading and what you will need for the next step of extracting audio.

The steps to follow for Youtube mp3 converter

Once you have downloaded the video, you can start working with it to convert it into audio. To do this, we recommend closing and reopening VLC on your PC. Next, in the upper toolbar, click on Medium. For the dropdown that appears, you must go to Convert… . Likewise, it can be accessed through the keyboard shortcut Control + R.

At the moment, an options box will open. Different tabs will appear at the top, and you must ensure that it is in File. On the right side of the window, you will see two buttons, and in this case, you will have to click on Add to export the video file you previously downloaded to work with it and carry out the conversion. Once added, the file path will be displayed in the main box. Next, click on the Convert/Save button below.

In the next box of options, the source to follow will be at the top, which is the one entered previously, and you will have to scroll to the Profile. Open the dropdown and select Audio – MP3 so that only the audio included with the video is saved. Likewise, other formats can separate audio and video into different files. Also, if you want other options, you can click on the wrench icon. In this case, you will have very varied functions, such as the possibility of choosing the codec, the bit rate, the channels, and the sampling rate.

Once the Profile and configuration have been entered, go to the bottom bar of the Target file in this same window. Next, click on Browse to select where you want the new MP3 multimedia file to be saved. In the file explorer that pops up, it is essential to write a name for the .mp3 that will be generated. Otherwise, it will not be saved.

The configuration will have been completely finished up to this point, and now you will have to press the Start button to start the conversion of the File, thus generating the MP3 you request. As it is simple audio, the conversion process is fast, and the player will open it immediately to listen to it.

Once you have finished, checking that everything has worked correctly is essential. Specifically, you must go to the container folder you previously chose and look for the generated File. You will have to right-click and select Preferences. You will be able to see all the data of the multimedia file you have created, with the type and size.