YouTube May Soon Let You Xoom in on Videos

YouTube May Soon Let You Xoom in on Videos: “Zoom” is the latest YouTube Premium feature!

YouTube introduced new options on its platform for a particular group of users. Now, after a small but significant change, they will be able to zoom in on videos and with this, among other things, forget to download them or use other applications for this purpose.

Currently and according to a Macrumors publication, this capacity will arrive as part of a suite of features offered to premium subscribers. Recall that in recent weeks the company has launched new tools for these users, such as picture-in-picture mode.

YouTube May Soon Let You Xoom in on Videos: A new feature for YouTube Premium users

“Zoom” will be available for YouTube Premium users

“Pinch to zoom” allows viewers to zoom up to 8x on a video while watching it. This alternative allows you to use two fingers to zoom in on the video player. Once zoomed in, it is possible to move around and take a closer look at certain parts of the video.

For now, YouTube Premium users are those who can take advantage of the program that allows subscribers access to entirely new features that are not fully prepared. This time, the call is to zoom in on a video on the screen, even in landscape mode.

If you are part of this user group, you can find the new feature in the YouTube app on iOS. Just tap your profile picture, then tap “Your Premium Benefits”. From there, you will find the “Try new features” page and enable YouTube pinch zoom. Of course, activation may take some time until you try this new tool.

Finally, the company announced that the test function will be available until September 1 and it may become a permanent part of the YouTube Premium package at some point.