Yeedi 2 Hybrid Review: 2 Hybrid, Amazon’s Best Cheap Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you’ve decided to save time cleaning and make your home smarter, you’ve probably thought buy a vacuum robot. I tested the Yeedi 2 Hybrid few weeks and I’ll tell you why this is a great option in its price range, what are its pros and cons. If you were looking for a smart vacuum cleaner that can be purchased on Amazon and with good value for money I recommend that you keep reading.

Yeedi 2 Hybrid Review: Simple and Practical Design,

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Yeedi 2 Hybrid Review

The Yeedi 2 Hybrid doesn’t stand out by offering an extravagant design with flashy colors, dozens of sensors or weird gadgets: the company has focused its efforts on make the device more convenient. What stands out most about its design is its upper room, which is there to be able to map your house and also to see where it can move.

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As I said, the robot is very well designed, because it is not necessary to lift it to extract the water or dirt deposits. It has a cover on the top that you can lift up that reveals the sucked up dirt reservoir. It is very easy to remove and is quite easy to clean.

Yeedi 2 Hybrid Review

To take the tank out of the water it is not necessary to move the robot either, just press a button on the back and pull lightly. This repository has only one position, so removing and putting on is extremely easy. Also, if you don’t want to use the cleaning feature, you can remove it and that’s it.

As for the rest of the design, there is little to comment on, simply that it has two brushes that pick up dirt, something that not all vacuum cleaners of this type have: most only include one.

Finally, I must underline the lower wheels, which are not only very large and sturdy, but also have a elevation system that allows the robot to climb small steps or rugs. And the latter does it perfectly. If the floor in your house is not perfectly level, this should be taken into account, as most robots have fixed wheels with no possibility of vertical movement.

3 More than Sufficient Suction Powers

Yeedi 2 Hybrid Review

From the app, which I will talk about later, you can select 3 suction powers. After trying them all I kept using the lowest of them all, well has enough power to suck up all kinds of dirt and it is the quietest. The queen of the house, my cat, usually comes out of the sand attractive from your sandbox and at the lowest vacuum level the Yeedi 2 Hybrid is able to clean it without any problem.

Levels 2 and 3 make the vacuum cleaner a little noisier, but also much more powerful. I already predict that you will probably be happy with the simpler level and only use the rest every now and then.

So, does the house vacuum well? This is my first time trying one of these robot vacuums and I can tell you this one does it perfectly. Enter for each corner and sweep all corners with ease. It can fit under furniture of a certain height and usually does a final cleaning where it only runs along the sides of the house.

When you are done cleaning, it is difficult to find an area where there is dust or traces of some type of dirt. I repeat, all this in the lowest suction mode …

Suck better than you, but don’t rub better than you

Yeedi 2 Hybrid Review

The Yeedi 2 Hybrid It does the job of vacuuming better than you can with any hand or brush vacuum, although I can’t say the same for scrubbing. Let me explain. The scrub feature does this perfectly, but it only goes through one spot once. The included blue mop is soak in water and scrubs them to perfection, you can even see how it leaves a wet clean trail on the floor.

The problem, not with this robot, but with all robot mops, is that they don’t exert a lot of pressure. Remove small stains and finish cleaning the floor, but do not get rid of the big stains which you would remove by repeatedly applying a lot of pressure with the mop.

But I already predict that you won’t get there with a robot of this style. My recommendation is that if you have a large stain that is difficult to remove, do it with the mop and leave the rest to the robot.

Yeedi 2 Hybrid Review

Before I didn’t wash the house every day, but now I fill the tank and fill it with water and scrubber so that I can clean it daily. And the best thing is that your deposit has sufficient capacityIt is easy to fill and has a fairly large mop that always ends up getting dirty. The latter is good, because it means that it cleans.

From the app you can control how much water do you want the robot to release on the mop. After a few tests, the second or third level is more than enough for a normal house.

The result of over vacuuming is surprising because your home will stay clean all the time. Surely you don’t clean the house every day, which with the robot you can do, if you want, several times a day. After you finish cleaning, you can go around looking around the house as you won’t find any dirty areas that haven’t been.

Yeedi 2 Hybrid : The Almost Perfect App that Will Help You a Lot

Yeedi 2 Hybrid Review

The soul of the Yeedi 2 Hybrid is the application that you need to install on your smartphone. This is used to configure it for the first time, an extremely simple thing that you will do in 2 minutes, and for the rest of the functions. From the app, you can control everything, although the first thing is to give it to clean.

The brand says the vacuum cleaner needs between 4 and 5 complete cleanings to know every corner of your home and make the digital map. In my case, there have only been two aspirations to fully hit my house card. Of course, I agree that this is a small house, in your case it may need a little more.

Yeedi 2 Hybrid Review

After unlocking the card, you have all options available run programs, ask it to clean only a specific area, program the activation frequency, indicate the order of aspiration of the parts, etc. It is very easy to schedule a routine so that every day at 11 hours you clean the house or just the area you want.

When you select what you want it to do, you’ll always see a map of your house and the robot’s real-time position. After the icon, it will leave a darker color trail for you to know who’s been there and cleaned it up already.

At any time you can modify the aspirated level or scrub water, even when in full swing. At any time you can send it to the base to recharge it or simply to resume cleaning later.

Finally, you will have a cleaning log in which you can see what type of cleaning was done, how many square meters it cleaned and how long it took to do it. At first it takes longer to clean the whole house, but when you learn well, those times are drastically reduced.

There is only one point of the application and the intelligence of the device that can be improved: voice assistants. They’re easy to set up, both on Alexa and Google Home, but voice functionality is limited. You only have 3 commands: start cleaning, stop cleaning and return to base. It would only take one more to complete the request: ‘Clean the X zone of the house‘.

Finally, I have to name the function of virtual limit. This is incredibly useful if you want rugs around the house, because you want me to vacuum them, but not scrub them. From card management you can select a virtual limit to vacuum or clean and that the robot either does not go through there or does not do one of the two things in this area. If you own rugs, be aware that very few robots on the market offer this feature.

There is nothing like Yeedi 2 Hybrid for the price it has

Yeedi 2 Hybrid Review