Xiaomi Updates: MediaTek chip, the update will take longer

If you’ve ever wondered what’s the difference between buying a Xiaomi with Qualcomm and one with MediaTek You are in the right place. Beyond the differences in processor performance, there is a very important issue that Xiaomi herself has revealed. Xiaomi mobiles with MediaTek processor update slower than phones with Qualcomm. This is a reality the company cannot avoid and explained why it is.

Xiaomi updates: MediaTek slower than Qualcomm

Xiaomi Updates

Xiaomi explained why are there differences in the update dates of some of his models. Beyond the time they take to develop the update, there is another factor that greatly affects some of the brand’s cellphones – the company that makes the processor.

Qualcomm has a larger development team, which allows it to work with all us chips in parallel. The result is that Qualcomm sends optimizations to manufacturers at the same time for all of its chips.

MediaTek, on the other hand, works in batches. Its development team is smaller and cannot work with all the chips in parallel. This makes send optimizations to manufacturers in batches and prioritize the most important processors. As a result, some processors get the optimizations to update later, which delays the brand update.

It’s not Google or Android’s fault either

Xiaomi Updates

In these statements, it was also pointed out that this delay is not the fault of Google or Android. The company sends the codes necessary for the update well before the release of the official version of Android so that processors can work before the launch.

Qualcomm makes better use of this time thanks to its great team and MediaTek it is not as effective for the same reason.

Being slower has a good part

Xiaomi also reported that MediaTek’s batch process is better to find bugs. Qualcomm submits all optimizations at the same time and doesn’t have much time to find bugs. MediaTek uses the first batches as guinea pigs to find out what needs to change in the next one. This ensures fewer problems and a more stable update.

Even like that, Qualcomm does a better job than MediaTek, something derived from costs. If a brand pays more for a Qualcomm processor, it’s not just for its performance, but also for details like a faster update.