Xiaomi Mi Band 5 : Cheap, Useful and Very Compatible

Are you looking for a technical christmas gift for a special someone? Technology is expensive and the person you are offering may already have a good smartphone. Typical charger gifts, Extreme battery they may know little about it and are very common, so we are going to give you another very interesting option. If you want to do good tech gift the xiaomi bracelet she is perfect. He is useful, cheap and compatible with any smartphone. Also, there are several versions depending on what you want to spend.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6, the cheap and very useful geek gift

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Few things are more useful than activity bracelet. It is a very popular accessory that is used for a lot of things and does not reach the weight and cost of a watch. The Mi band 6 it’s him last model produced by Xiaomi And it’s easy to find it for sale on Amazon.

It has a color screen, step monitoring, fitness monitoring, sleep measurement, smartphone notifications, it can get wet and weighs a few grams. In addition, given its design, it is possible to change the straps for others of different materials or colors at an almost ridiculous cost.

He has the same characteristics than Smart Watches 100 and 200 euros / dollars, but in a device that costs less than 40 euros / dollars on sale. If the person you wish to gift does not have a watch or smart bracelet this is one of the best options you have.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is even cheaper

If 40 euros / dollars is a budget that is beyond your possibilities, you can always go for an earlier version. The Xiaomi mi band 5 It has an almost identical design and very, very similar functions. Details such as oxygen sensor and a bit of screen size, but still a great option.

It costs around 26 euros / dollars on Amazon and is also compatible with any mobile Of the market. Earlier versions are usually not worth the price difference, since they all range between 20 and 30 euros.

It is one of the more useful christmas gifts related to technology. Even though the person usually wears a conventional watch, they can wear the watch. My group to exercise and measure your sessions. If you have to make a invisible friend gift or your very inexpensive partner Mi Band 6 or Mi Band 5 they are almost perfect.