Xiaomi MI 12 – 2 high-end with small screen

Today’s market doesn’t have too many options when it comes to small screens. If you want a very compact top of the range, you should choose a iPhone 13 Mini, an iPhone 12 Mini or an Android device that is not a high-end as such. Everything indicates that Xiaomi wants to solve this problem for the 2023 season. Leaks let us know that the company is preparing two high-end devices with small screens. These would claim to compete with the Current Apple ‘Mini’.

Xiaomi wants to bet on small screens, Xiaomi MI 12 Mini?

Xiaomi MI 12

For the moment, we do not know which model will be the one that will bet on the small screen or what design it will have. The information that comes from the leaks lets us know that the device will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor and a screen of approximately 6.3 inch.

There are two leaked smartphones: L3 and L3A. It is possible that both have small screens and are intended for different ranges, although this is something that we currently cannot confirm or deny. Nor if it will be a Xiaomi or a Redmi.

Cell phones with small screens are less in demand, but they are. Apple has perfectly succeeded in penetrating this market niche with its iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini. These are devices that offer the same performance and cameras as big smartphones, but with much smaller bodies and screens.

If Xiaomi joins this market, it could be very interesting to see Android phones with a small screen fighting against the current iPhone Mini. This, yes, 6.3-inch leaks are a far cry from current iPhone 13 Mini’s 5.4-inch.

Maybe with a little more optimization and removing the notch Xiaomi will get a little more screen in a case of the same size, but it’s hard to envision a 6 mobile “Mini”, 3 inches.

For now, these are just leaks from China and likely to come to light in the coming months. Having small options in the high-end Android would be a good thing, although we have to wait to be able to confirm that. What do you think of mini-mobiles?