Xiaomi Floating Bar : You should try

Xiaomi has just released a very striking and interesting update for its mobiles. This is a floating menu very similar to that of Samsung He has been using his mobiles for years. This is a sidebar that appears when you swipe from the edge and it hosts apps, shortcuts and more. It is a function in the tests which, little by little, reaches the devices which update the security application. We tell you how it is and how can you test it on your Xiaomi.

This is the new Xiaomi Floating Bar

Xiaomi Floating Bar

For years, users have had to turn to third-party apps to simulate Samsung’s floating menu on other devices. Now all users of a Xiaomi portable You’re in luck: if you want to have this type of menu, you can activate it. It is very useful and its operation promises to be much more stable than that of a third-party application.

This menu is called Smart toolbox and quite simple. You just have to activate it and enter its configuration. It is necessary to select the applications or shortcuts that you want to have on hand and include them in the side menu. It is possible to configure it whenever you want.

Once it’s configured, you just need to slide from the edge you choose and this menu will appear for you to open any of the apps you have included. It is a very good way to have a extended space on the home screen, but hidden.

How to activate the new Xiaomi Smart Toolbox

At the moment, it only works on certain mobiles, although this is a feature that will reach all of the company’s devices. Moreover, it is not even necessary to update the MIUI version.

At the moment, the function is linked to the Xiaomi mobile security app. It doesn’t happen by magic, you have to install it yourself. Just download its APK, install it and navigate to ‘Special features‘ in the settings. If you see ‘Smart toolbox‘ means it has been activated.

If you install the APK and don’t see the new section in “Special Features”, unfortunately you still can’t test the feature. It is possible that in the coming weeks the update will be extended and many other corporate mobiles will include it.

How about this new feature for your Xiaomi portable? Are you going to use it?