Xiaomi steals its best collaborator from Huawei to have the best camera

The mobile cameras The most interesting battle of smartphones is currently being fought. At the time it was the processors, then the screens and now it’s the turn of the cameras. The year is ending and information for the following season begins to arrive. According to a Chinese leaker Xiaomi stole her Leica collaboration from Huawei. The company specializing in photographic lenses has so far worked with Huawei and everything indicates that it has changed sides. Xiaomi wants to improve its cameras And that might be the best possible step.

Leica will now optimize the cameras of Xiaomi mobiles

Leica is one of the most important companies in photography. A few years ago, he started to collaborate with Huawei to optimize certain aspects of the photographs and the material of certain high-end mobiles. It helped a lot Huawei, a company that owned many of the best cameras on the market.

Now rumors and leaks tell us that this collaboration has moved to another of the top brands: Xiaomi. It is possible that Huawei’s bad situation forced the company to break the contract and left the door open for Xiaomi.

It’s hard to know, but these types of companies usually only work with one brand from the same guild at a time, so it’s highly likely that Leica broke up with Huawei. This collaboration that has helped so much huawei cameras now he could do the same with Xiaomi.

In 2021, Xiaomi made it clear that it could have one of the best cameras on the market, something that could get even better in 2023. The collaboration with Leica would only cover some high-end smartphones such as the Xiaomi 12. or the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. The mid-range would not fit into this bag.

Now we just have to wait Xiaomi announces new devices and a possible collaboration with Leica. The presentation of the Huawei Mate 50 and its possible non-collaboration with Leica is also pending.