The Xiaomi 12X won’t be what you expected, disappointment?

The leaks fantasized about seeing a Xiaomi 12 mini which rivals the current iPhone 13 Mini. Manzana It has the best little smartphone you can buy and the possibility that Xiaomi will want to compete in this market is a very good thing. Today, more information has been leaked on this hypothesis. Xiaomi small mobile, the Xiaomi 12x. The two details already known about this terminal could disappoint users interested in the small mobiles top of the line.

The Xiaomi 12X will be small, but not “Mini”

Xiaomi 12X

Everything indicates that the leaks “sold” something that in the end won’t be so bad. The Xiaomi 12X it won’t be a “mini” smartphoneRather, it will be a compact smartphone. The latest leak reveals a screen of 6.28 inch, which although it is smaller than normal, cannot be considered mini.

This Xiaomi 12X may arrive as the smartphone top of the line the smallest Xiaomi, but far from the market. Plus, it won’t even come close to 5.4 inches iPhone 13 Mini, which is the benchmark in terms of small mobiles.

It won’t be a premium premium either.

Xiaomi 12X

The idea of ​​making high-end small mobiles is to use the same Equipment internal than in the high-end benchmark, in this case the future Xiaomi 12. The leaks speak of a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 for this Xiaomi 12X. This means it would be a cut below the original terminal.

Knowing that it won’t be one “mini” mobiles and that it will not be as powerful as the Xiaomi 12 it can be a disappointing device for many. This cut the processor in this version means we could also see the quality of the screen, cameras, fast charging, etc.

In short, the Xiaomi 12X is most likely a compact portable with standard high-end hardware and which will not have much to do with the original mobile, the Xiaomi 12. We will see if this is filled or Xiaomi ends up surprising for good.