Xiaomi 12 Pro review : Analysis, Opinions, Characteristics and Price

We are going to do Xiaomi 12 Pro review, analysis, Characteristics and Price in this article.

Gone is the time when Xiaomi only sold cheap smartphones. For a few years, the Chinese company has opted to include terminals in its catalog that make a significant leap in performance, but which, in turn, also have a higher price. All this, to gain a foothold in the premium market and offer those loyal users of the brand an alternative to the iPhone that maintains the manufacturer’s differential characteristics. The Xiaomi 12 Pro , first announced in the Asian market and already available globally, is the Asian firm’s bet for this 2023.

Xiaomi’s new flagship plays in an increasingly extensive league. On the one hand, there is Apple with its iPhone 13 Pro Max. On the other, Samsung with its Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra. A little further, the Google Pixel 6 Pro; and shyly peeking out, the Oppo Find X5 Pro. All of them, with a cost that exceeds – with the exception of the Pixel 6 Pro – the threshold of 1,000 euros. The Xiaomi 12 Pro can also be found for 1,000 euros. But what does the Chinese company offer to deal with all these models if it is no longer a differential point?

After testing it in depth, I have noticed several areas in which the Xiaomi 12 Pro stands out against the rest of its competition . They are sections that go beyond the processor, the configuration of the camera or the size of the resolution and screen, which although they also show off their chest, are not so different from those of any other mobile of the same price.

  • One of the differential features is the 120W fast charge . It is a much higher power than that offered by the main manufacturers. Xiaomi also includes the charger in the box. And not one of lower amperage, but the 120W one.
  • MIUI, and everything it offers , another important point. Xiaomi customization layer is popular for its features and customization options.
  • Your design . Although the company has maintained a line very similar to that of its competitors, there are some key points in which it stands out from the rest.

The important thing, in this case, is to know if these features that the Xiaomi 12 includes and not other smartphones are enough to position this model, not only as an option to consider in the premium range, but also as a worthy alternative to your competitors. All this, in addition, without neglecting the rest of the features related to the screen, performance or camera. But let’s go by parts.

Xiaomi 12 Pro Review: Performance and software: they go hand in hand

The Xiaomi 12 Pro arrives with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen. 1 processor and is accompanied, in this case, with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. At the level of results, there is hardly any news regarding smartphones that have exactly the same configuration. Qualcomm’s SoC does a very good job and offers excellent performance in most situations. Yes, it is true that I have noticed less ease when navigating the interface compared to other smartphones that have a lighter customization layer, such as the Oppo Find x5 Pro, but it is nothing dramatic, just small slowdowns in the animations when the device is executing some demanding task.