How to Write a WhatsApp message without using your hands?

We show you two ways to send a WhatsApp message without using your hands; the only thing you will need is your voice!

We are not talking about audio notes but about the possibility of writing WhatsApp messages through your voice. Yes! Although it seems false, you can already send compound texts without the need to touch your digital keyboard. How? We will tell you about the voice dictation function of WhatsApp and how to activate it.

Dictate a WhatsApp message

It is a very simple trick to dictate the message through your phone’s microphone and for the application to transcribe it to send it to your friends or family. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open WhatsApp and enter the conversation of your choice.
  2. Press on the message bar to bring up the digital keyboard.
  3. Locate the microphone icon in the lower right, below the letters.
  4. Press it to start dictating the message you want to send with your voice.
  5. The message will appear as you speak. The best thing is that it is not sent without your approval but rather allows you to review it before sending it.

Remember to check in which language you have configured the keyboard: press and hold the microphone for a few seconds to see the language in which your keyboard is and that the dictation configuration options are displayed.

How to dictate WhatsApp messages with virtual assistants: Siri or Google Assistant

Another option to send a message when you cannot see the phone, either because you are driving or far from it, is the famous virtual assistants, Siri and Google Assistant.

Google Assistant:

  1. To send messages with the Google voice assistant from Android phones, you first have to activate it with a simple “Ok Google”.
  2. Then, you have to say the command “Send a WhatsApp to”, followed by the contact’s name with whom you want to communicate.
  3. As soon as he allows it, dictate the message and confirm the delivery by answering “Yes” when everything is ready.


The process for dictating WhatsApp messages to Siri is very similar.

  1. First, make sure you have the ‘Siri’ option activated in ‘Settings’ on your mobile or tablet. Once done, you have to say “Hey Siri” and order him to send a WhatsApp message to one of your contacts.
  2. Once said this, it will ask you if you want it to send it, and you will only have to say the word “Send” for it to do so.

Now you know two ways to send text messages on WhatsApp, and all you need is your voice.