Why Apple hasn’t released a foldable iPhone yet? Will Apple Make a Flip Phone

In 2019, the most first Galaxy Fold. The smartphone had enough compromises in the form of a small external display, a large cutout on the main screen, and a noticeable crease. But for many buyers, that was the pinnacle of technology. Three years later, foldable smartphones no longer surprise anyone.

Moreover, if at the time of release there was only one form factor of such a device, then users already have a choice between a smartphone that folds vertically – this Galaxy Z Flip, Motorcycle Razr. Or gadgets like the Galaxy Fold.

Will Apple Make a Flip Phone

Today, all foldable smartphones look very similar.

But all these years, consumers have had a question. Why hasn’t Apple released a foldable smartphone yet? Someone talks about the high cost of technology, which will make the price of such an iPhone very high. Someone talks about the shortage of such screens, which will not allow the company to cover the demand. Let’s see what can actually be the reason for the absence in the lineup of iPhone folding screen devices.

Will Apple Make a Flip Phone?

It is very interesting to know which form factor Apple will stop.

Rumors about Apple foldable smartphone started walking immediately after the birth of Galaxy Fold. But no one could predict the release date of such a device. At first, they were talking about 2023, but every year it moved slowly. And now they are seriously talking about 2024. The question arises: why is Apple postponing the release date of the foldable iPhone?

Three years ago, when foldable screen technology was just beginning to become mainstream, there weren’t always enough screens available, even for Samsung, which makes them. In the beginning, there was a certain Galaxy Fold shortage.

And if the shortage of such panels is now practically overcome, it has not yet been possible to reduce their cost to the level of classic screens for smartphones. And you can’t make a screen cost reduction in a device with a similar form factor.

After all, in addition to the internal, there is also an external one. In addition, each manufacturer must offer its own opening hinge. Judging by the load he takes, as a result, you must also be sweating over his creation. After all, it is necessary to protect it from the ingress of various dirt and dust, so that the screen is not damaged when opening it.

The cost of Samsung Galaxy Fold components is around $1200. At the same time, it went on sale for $2,000. iPhone 13 Pro Components experts estimated at $570, while its official cost is $999. It is wrong to call these figures the bare cost because the costs of advertising, development, and logistics are not taken into account.

But you can pretty much understand how much more expensive it is to produce a foldable smartphone. The cost of components doubles simply by changing the form factor.

At the same time, in Galaxy Z Fold 3 the manufacturer managed to reduce the price to $1799, excluding insurance for a broken screen and kit charger in some countries.

Thus, due to the mere fact of two screens and an opening mechanism, the cost of such a smartphone increases significantly compared to conventional devices. And since iPhones have never been cheap, for the end consumer the price may exceed the psychological barrier to purchase.

Judging by the fact that apple smartphone prices differ from the off-the-shelf cost by about twice, so Foldable iPhone Obviously, this will cost around $2000. Of course, there is a buyer for every device, but for Apple in recent years, the number of devices sold has been very important to maintain its market share.

This is called the second reason after the shortage of components for the constant postponement of the release of the foldable iPhone.

Foldable iPhone Price

Will Apple Make a Flip Phone

The main thing is that Apple is working on the autonomy of its foldable iPhone.

But, in my opinion, this transfer has a much simpler and more prosaic explanation – greed. Imagine a situation where Apple publishes a Foldable iPhone which can be transformed into a size comparable to an iPad mini Tablet. Even buying such a device for 2-2.5 thousand dollars, you will buy only this iPhone and at best a cover for it. And it’s probably not original.

It is not customary to install a small amount of internal memory in such devices, so it will have at least 256 GB. Therefore, you will have only one smartphone and will not need additional accessories, and maybe even iCloud Subscriptions for synchronization between your gadgets or other software, on the payment of which Cupertino takes a commission.

Given the high cost, Apple will bring you a little more or even as much as the sale of a classic iPhone.

Now let’s think about what is happening now. The buyer needs a smartphone and a tablet. Basically on iOS and iPadOS. What can he do? Properly! Buy each of these gadgets separately. And you can try to sell him not an iPad mini, but something bigger. In a certain scenario, he will turn out to be persuaded also of the tablet keyboard and even the stylus.

Already at least two devices and two accessories. Well, if you also need synchronization between them without any restrictions, you can also make the user addicted to iCloud for which he will pay monthly.

Considering that the cost of apple accessories is significantly higher than the cost, then the company will profit from such a transaction much more than from selling you a foldable smartphone.

That’s what I believe to be the main reason why we haven’t seen foldable devices from Apple. The business is simply not profitable. Of course, time will force her to release a smartphone in a similar form factor. But as long as it is possible to collect the cream on the market, its release will be postponed as long as possible.