Why you need to clean your headphones and how to do it?

Why you need to clean your headphones? Almost every day, most smartphone users use headphones. There’s a lot of music, podcasts, videos, and other content in our lives where sound is important. Therefore, almost all of us have headphones. Given the cost reduction on TWS models, they are becoming more and more popular, and AirPods of different models and generations dominate “in this field”.

They work very well with the iPhone, which is why many Apple smartphone owners buy them. But I have bad news for you. Especially if you have been using headphones for a long time or bought them in the secondary market. It really is something to think about!

These headphones, like others, need to be cleaned.

Why you need to clean your headphones?

The in-ear and in-ear headphones we use every day are a powerful breeding ground for bacteria. They live from those that are already in our ears and from those that fall, for example, from dirty hands, from the surface or from other sources.

According to various statistics, one listener lives approximately 70,000 to 100,000 bacteria. this 300 to 350 times more than on the surface of the kitchen table, and 2700-3000 times more than on a cutting board. Well, you figured it out and now you can pretty much imagine the scale of bacteria colonies living on a little earbud you pop into your ear every day.

Let’s say only your bacteria are on the earpiece and the rest of the time they exist in a vacuum. Then, of course, nothing terrible will happen. But now imagine what you’re putting in your ears when you don’t wash your hands after touching money, subway doorknobs, or other things. The moral is simple – you have to wash your hands! After all, it’s hard to get a critical mass of bacteria on headphones all at once. But from time to time it is necessary to clean the headphones themselves.

Something like this is inside our headphones.

Can I give my headphones to someone?

Especially if you give them to someone else to use. Or, for example, if you bought them from the hands of the previous owner. In this case they have to be cleaned immediately after purchase, because from an incomprehensible person you can get everything back. Earwax, which is inside the ear and is washed out of it, consists of proteins and fats, dead cells, sebum and dust. It’s what comes out of it to remove bacteria from the ear canal, but with headphones, we’ll bring it back again and again.

You can clean the headphones yourself or by specialists. For example, our friends at Apple Pro have a promo code “Clean the ears” you’ll get an AirPods cleaning service for just 1000 rubles. It really is a low price for a professional cleaning that removes residual ear secretions and bacteria. And most importantly, your headphones will continue to work. No one can guarantee that if you decide to clean it yourself.

How to clean your own headphones?

And now, if you still decide to clean the headphones yourself, learn some tips on how to do it. Incidentally, surprisingly, the Apple Pro masters themselves share a lot of tips. You can view their instructions at this link.

Sensitive souls shouldn’t watch this.

If you have AirPods Pro, the problem will affect you to a lesser extent. They have rubber pads with a protective mesh. That is, earwax and other dirt will not get on the earphone itself. And since they are just rubber, they can be washed in clean water. They come off if you pull them forcefully, and will even withstand wiping with hydrogen peroxide, which effectively combats the fairly specific soiling of earphones.

I emphasize once again that the rubber tips (ear cushions) must be removed before cleaning. This is the only way not to worry about the safety of the earphones.

If you have regular AirPods of any generation without ear pads, then by no means cannot be washed with liquid detergents and still more to submerge it in water even for a short time. So they fail and you have to buy new ones. Although you formally complete the task, the new headphones will be clean.

Since conventional AirPods of any generation have a grille that protrudes outward, it’s almost impossible for dirt to get inside, but outside it’s just a lot fertile for bacteria.

How to clean a helmet?

The first thing you will need is a toothpick. She must carefully remove the remains of earwax from the corners of the junction of the grille to the helmet housing. After that, you can walk around with an old or separately purchased toothbrush to sweep away the residue even better. In the next step, you can use a cotton swab slightly moistened with hydrogen peroxide. I insist, just a little! It should be slightly damp so that even a drop of liquid does not drip when squeezed into the case. So you can store your headphones a bit.

A cotton swab is useful for cleaning headphones at home, but it is not as effective as special products.

There are also professional tools used by artisans, such as special tools, special pastes and plasticine-like materials, but they are expensive and difficult to obtain. Therefore, they are only used by professionals.

In the end, I’m going to absolve myself of all responsibility and say that such cleaning by yourself is done at your own risk. If you are worried about your earphones or if you are not confident in yourself, it may be better not to touch them at all or take advantage of the offer from the Apple Pro service center with a promo code “Clean the ears”.

Now the price of cleaning AirPods has been reduced, and you are guaranteed to get results and stay with working headphones, which, by the way, will also start to sound better, because there will be no of acoustic barrier in the form of a dirty mesh.