Why the iPhone Does not Charge Full?

Why the iPhone does not charge full? Over time, the iPhone begins to hold a charge poorly, discharges quickly, or something strange happens when charging: when the charger is connected, the smartphone still cannot charge, and sometimes the percentages battery completely disappears before our eyes.

Such oddities will astonish anyone, but there is a logical explanation for everything. In most cases, this problem does not even need to contact the service – it is solved independently. Today we are going to find out what to do if iPhone not fully charging and why it happens.

Why the iPhone does not charge full?

iPhone charging stuck

iPhone charges but does not charge. How?

Note that sometimes iPhone charging stops. You take the phone in your hands after 10 minutes, and the interest does not add up. What is the problem? There are several options to solve the problem.

  • Try calibrating the battery: If it’s been a while since you’ve completely drained your iPhone, do so. After that, let it stand in this state for 15-20 minutes, then charge it fully and do not use it while it is connected to the network.
  • Try replacing the adapter: these are non-original accessories that can cause the charger to produce less current. It could also be a third-party adapter for another device, like an e-reader or an old smartphone.
  • You may have a damaged cable – replace it. Usually, original Apple accessories are quite durable, especially if you take care of them. But many manage to kill them and make them unfit for the charge. Replace the cable with an original cable or an accessory from a reputable manufacturer.

Disable optimized charging: at 80%, the charging rate drops to the minimum, so iPhone not charging as fast. So it is better to turn it off. And if it’s the adapter or the cable, just try connecting another one and watch the charge.

Charging iPhone upside down

iPhone charging goes in the opposite direction. How?

If you think not progressing while charging is the worst thing, imagine that sometimes iPhone charges negatively. Yes, yes, and it happens! Don’t worry, everything is fine with your iPhone – it happens.

  • The problem is that the power supply is not powerful enough. iPhone charging – excessively high. Let’s say you’re playing a heavy game on LTE, downloading and installing updates at the same time, and your iPhone is also connected to a power outlet. Therefore, the iPhone will discharge faster than it will charge.
  • Also, your iPhone’s power profile is important: fast charging may not always work on older models because the adapter doesn’t support the desired power profile. It is better to take a suitable adapter with a large number of profiles. Read more about this in our article – there we told you everything you need to know about it.

In any case, for normal charging, you should leave the iPhone alone and let it cool down a bit if it gets hot. If you do not follow this recommendation, sooner or later your battery will fail – it is better not to.

iPhone Charging Problem

Have you recently restarted your iPhone? It is not necessary to do this without fail, but it is recommended to restart the smartphone from time to time. So dozens of iPhone problems can go away at once, including charging issues. There was probably a glitch in iOS, so a reboot will help bring the system back to life.

The iOS update probably interrupted charging.

Sometimes the problem occurs due to poor-quality beta versions or updates, which are known to work differently on different smartphones. There is no need to install beta versions at all – we talked about this in our material. The problem with the update can also be solved: just roll back to the previous version.

  • Connect iPhone to PC and launch iTunes.
  • Click Update on your iPhone’s Settings page.
  • Click “Update” or “Restore” if iPhone crashes. In the second case, the device is formatted.
  • Select the file with the required firmware and wait for the process to complete.
  • Restore the backup to the iPhone, after which your device will get rid of the wounds and charge normally.

Usually, these methods help to get rid of charging issues. What to do if you accidentally have a locked iPhone? They told me how to distinguish such a smartphone, whether it is worth buying and why it costs less than usual in stores.