Throw away Windows laptops. Why MacBooks are better?

Presentation in 2020 of their own M1 processors for laptops and computers, Apple has taken their devices to the next level. At that time, many people, in addition to real admiration for the performance of new solutions, also asked themselves the question: will it be possible to use familiar programs created for the x86 architecture on new ARM processors?

But Cupertino also anticipated this by creating a special solution called Rosette 2which allows you to run programs developed for Mac on Intel in a completely imperceptible way for the user.

The design of MacBooks is a benchmark for many.

After that, many users decided to not only replace their old Macs with new ones but also buy Windows Computers I thought about going to the dark side. However, so far, some users of solutions based on the Microsoft operating system have doubts about the need for the transition. I can certainly say to these users: throw away your Windows Laptops! let’s see what Macbooks on Apple processors are Better than any Windows book.

MacBook – working hours

Thanks to Type-C, many different peripherals can be connected to MacBooks.

Too many laptop users work away from retail outlets. This is why battery life is one of the most important factors for them. In such a situation, competitors’ Macbooks on M1 processors and M2 simply do not exist.

I personally know a user who managed to get out Macbook Air on the M1 processor 18.5 hours of non-stop video playback. To say that this is an impressive result is to say nothing. I do not know any windows laptop which shows similar results.

Naturally, not every user will be able to achieve such a result, but extracting 8-10 hours of the active screen from a laptop with a mixed load is quite realistic. If battery life is important to you and you’re looking for a laptop for that, I sincerely advise you to take a closer look at MacBooks. Most likely, you will be pleasantly surprised.

M1 Performance

All Macbooks, even the cheapest ones, have great screens.

During the presentation of each M-series processor, Apple showed impressive performance graphs, which were an order of magnitude better than Intel’s solutions. At that time, it looked like naked synthetics.

But, it turned out that in Cupertino they practically did not improve. Macbooks have proven to be much more powerful than their predecessors and have a large number of solutions on the market. the Windows. At least each of them in its price category turned out to be more powerful than its competitor.

At present, macOS there is only one less significant before Microsoft – Very few games. Apple even opened access to its desktop operating system in apple arcade – a large number of mobile games by subscription.

However, considering the fact that there is practically nothing to play on it, the presence of games remains the weak point of MacBooks with impressive performance.

In addition to performance, any MacBook has a good screen with excellent brightness and color accuracy. Such solutions will suit any user for the most complex tasks.

Macbook – Dimensions

For their size, the devices are quite compact and fit in any bag.

For users who care about battery life, another factor should be important – compactness. Every MacBook in its class is truly compact and lightweight. It is very convenient to carry it in your bag.

Any Windows laptop with comparative performance will be significantly heavier than its competitors on macOS. For instance, Macbook Air M2 weighs 1.24 kg, similar size Huawei MateBook 14 – 1.49 kg. The difference is obvious.

If it is important for you to be able to work on the road and not limit yourself in your abilities, it is the MacBook that will give you such an opportunity. A great keyboard and trackpad will also help a lot.

As soon as Apple abandoned the frankly disastrous butterfly keyboards and reverted to the classic scissor mechanism, then the keyboard questions disappeared completely. It has become comfortable and durable.

A huge trackpad ideally replaces almost any mouse, even the most comfortable ones.

Sync iPhone with Macbook

With syncing, you can start typing on your iPad and continue on your MacBook.

Any owner of Apple technology is well aware of the level of synchronization depth between several of the manufacturer’s devices. If you have a few devices, you have clearly seen how you can copy the text on an iPad and paste it into the right place on your iPhone. You could say it’s like magic, and sometimes that’s exactly what it is.

With the new version of macOS, it will even be possible to use the iPhone as a webcam for the MacBook, using a special accessory. And the photos taken on iPhone automatically appear in the Macbook’s media library.

Not all manufacturers of laptops on Windows can boast of achieving this level of interaction between a smartphone and a computer. maybe only Huawei comes close enough to such an interaction. Given that M1 processors and M2 are ARM processors, they support mobile installation apps for iPhones and iPad.

That is, you don’t have to use full-fledged desktop versions of the programs for some basic things if you’re used to mobile solutions. On Windows, You can also install mobile Android Apps but not all of them work as they should.

macOS update

Even relatively old devices continue to receive updates.

Just as many iPhone users cite long-term support for new OS versions as one of the benefits of their smartphones, MacBook users have no complaints. Devices released two years ago will receive a full set of new features without any restrictions.

Thereby Apple separately points out that the performance of their own processors can confidently extract all the functions of the new operating system.

Such confidence from the manufacturer in the power of its solutions can only inspire optimism for further development. Chances are if you buy the 2020 model now, you won’t have anything left and you’ll get more updates on schedule. For many, this is one of the most important moments.

If you’re standing at a crossroads right now windows laptop Where MacBookthen turns boldly to the apple side.

I assure you, a few days to get used to the keyboard and the system – and you will have no problems with further use. Moreover, on MacBook, you can still install Windows, which we talked about in a separate article. In general, decide, and you will not be disappointed at all.