Why Is iPhone Paint Peeling and What to Do About It

Why Is iPhone Paint Peeling? The release of almost every iPhone is accompanied by mini-scandals: a smartphone from Apple is a far cry from Samsung, which has a “bombshell” on every smartphone (you understand), but Apple also knows how to get into unpleasant stories.

One of the most common issues that plagues iPhones for years is paint peeling off the case. Maybe in a few years, when Type-C appears on the iPhone, peeling paint will already be a good tradition, which Apple will fix after massive complaints. We answer a reader’s question about the iPhone 11 case, on which iPhones the paint is feeling why this happened and if the original cover can help with this.

Why Is iPhone Paint Peeling? What is the problem?

How badly does the paint wear off the edges of an iPhone 11 simply from constant hand contact without a case? Does anyone have such experience?

Peeling Paint on iPhone

The first mention of peeling paint on the iPhone many people know this: it happened after the release of the iPhone 5 when enthusiasts discovered that on a black smartphone the edges began to wear out and the silver aluminum shone under them. We saw it on two models at once, so there was no need to talk about the probability of marriage. In addition, the paint also began to fade on the back panel – it seemed that the smartphone was noticeably rubbed.

Body paint issues started with the release of the iPhone 5

It all happened because of the paint for iPhone: the first models had the natural color of metal, then there was plastic. It turned out that Apple was having trouble with the coloring of the aluminum casing (the black color was created by a chemical reaction, not by spraying), but that didn’t affect sales in any way.

Then the iPhone case paint story repeated itself more than once: remember what happened with the “Jet Black” color on the iPhone 7? It was perhaps the first iPhone that was safer to put the screen down and not take it out of the case.

How badly does the iPhone 11 get scratched?

Yes, the iPhone 11 does scratch, just like the iPhone XR, but it only happens when you least expect it. Well, you are carrying a smartphone without a case. And more often than not, the frame and side buttons suffer, which even in some cases are often left unprotected.

So if you want to keep your iPhone without scratches sure to carry it in a case and take it out every once in a while to wipe it clean of dust – as you know, under the protective glass, dust and dirt accumulate under the case, which can leave a deep scratch.

On the iPhone 11, the paint fades and slips. 

Due to the pandemic, many of us have started to treat our phones more often with antiseptics, which also ruins the paint on the case. There are retail options, but here you have to be careful for several reasons.

  • First of all, don’t do it yourself. One clumsy move – and now you’re the owner iPhone erased or deep scratches.
  • Second, scratches can only be removed on the side faces, but not on the front or back panel.
  • Yes, and you can polish iPhone models that have a steel frame, not aluminum: those are X, XS, 11 Pro, 12 Pro, etc. remember that You can’t polish a colored iPhone: its edges are painted in the color of the body, so the paint will be erased in no time.
  • All iPhone models are subject to paint stripping: there have been complaints about the iPhone 11, and the iPhone 12, and even the SE 2020. In the early batches for sure, anyway.

Original iPhone case

Apple always recommends using only genuine accessories. Previously, I did not attach any importance to it, recently, for example personally, I realized what it is for. Around March, I bought a good red case, which is practically no different from the original, and I wore it calmly and did not take it off for almost two months. And just now I noticed what happened: the edges of the white iPhone SE 2020 turned slightly red! 

A copy of the original case is a top, but it can paint an iPhone white

Yet everything is clear: case paint stuck to iPhone due to high temperatures and the fact that the smartphone constantly rubs its edges against the walls of the case. It is also important that there is simply no ideal accessory: one makes the iPhone thicker, the other is too thin and deforms over time, and the transparent silicone one turns yellow.

Can you carry an iPhone without a case?

It’s better not to wear an iPhone without a case: it’s a fact

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how miserable the covers are, without them anywhere. All my life, without a case, I only wore the 1st generation iPhone SE: scratches on it appeared only on the “apple”, visible from a certain angle. The rest of the iPhone – definitely not, especially the iPhone X, XR, 11 and so on slippery: you can’t put them on the table, but the scratches will definitely remain.

The same can be said about the screen protector glass: I’ve had the iPhone SE 2020 for the second year without it, and there are more and more small scratches. From time to time, larger scratches are added to them, so it will be more difficult to sell such an iPhone.

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