Why do Mobile Phone Batteries Swell and How to Fix it?

Why do Mobile Phone Batteries Swell?  We tell you everything you need to know about swollen cell phone batteries: why they swell, how you can avoid it, and what to do when it happens to you.

One of the components of your smartphone that degrades the most is the battery, since not only does it reduce its performance over time, but also components wear out and the latter can lead to the battery swells.

It is not pleasant at all to see that the battery of your mobile is swollen and since I am sure that at that moment you have any doubts about what to do, today we are here to Explain yourselves why the cell phone battery swells, how to prevent it from happening and finally, what to do when your cell phone battery swells.

We explain why the mobile battery swells and how to fix it

Why do Mobile Phone Batteries Swell?

The main causes of mobile battery swelling are physical damage, manufacturing defects and length of use although the latter is usually the most common.

The lithium-ion batteries that equip smartphones use a chemical reaction to store energy but as this age, this chemical reaction no longer takes place correctly, which can cause that instead of being charged, create a highly flammable gas which is precisely what causes the battery to swell.

Additionally, if the chemical layers of the battery are not properly spaced explosions can occur happen to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, or fires of the same.

To prevent your mobile battery from swelling, use only high-quality certified chargers

How to Prevent a Mobile Battery from Swelling?

As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure” and fortunately you have at your fingertips a series of measures you can take to prevent your mobile phone battery from swelling.

Assuming the batteries need to be replaced at some point, if you follow the recommendations below you can prolong their lifespan and prevent them from swelling:

  • uses only high-quality certified chargers because cheap chargers may not meet the standards set by the mobile manufacturer or may not be able to supply enough power to the device.
  • avoid subjecting your mobile to extreme temperatures because both hot and cold can damage your device’s battery.
  • Make sure your mobile doesn’t take too many hits since these can pierce the battery of the same.
  • Don’t let the battery be 100% charged or completely discharged for long periods of time, as this may damage it. Thus, if you do not use your mobile for a few weeks, we recommend that you charge your battery up to 40 or 50% and then turn it off.

What to do when the Mobile Battery Swells?

If your mobile battery is swollen, what you need to do first is turn off the device immediately and take it to a repair center to replace the damaged battery.

In the event that you decide to replace it yourself, you must do so. outdoors or in a well-ventilated area away from flammable materials and protect yourself with gloves and safety glasses to avoid dangerous chemicals from the battery coming into contact with your body.

Once the battery has been removed, you should place it in a fireproof container and take it to the nearest hazardous materials recycling center.