Why Buy a Motorola G series?

Motorola is an American company specializing mainly in the development and marketing of smartphones. Although it was king back then, it has now lost a lot of ground to insurgent Chinese brands such as Xiaomi and Huawei. However, they recently launched the G-series to compete on equal footing and once again try to dominate phone sales.

Here we will tell you the most important things about this company, and at the end we will highlight 2 of the teams that will help the brand gain an audience.

Why buy a Motorola G series? We have 3 reasons to buy it

The motorola mobile phones They started to become popular thanks to the famous “Moto G”, a low-end mobile phone that at the time revolutionized the market by offering features that no other company could offer. The collaboration they had with Google was also a trigger for their success.

The purest Android and update frequency

The advantage of having one of best cell phone brands is that this has Android Stock, it is guaranteed to have a very similar experience to the Google Pixel. In fact, they can even claim to be better than the Pixels, since Motorola usually adds very useful apps that users end up thanking. There are no pre-installed apps like a few years ago, but Android is pure.

A small negative is that their devices are not updated as regularly as they should be, although this changes with the new motorola cell phones. Recent studies have shown that this brand is not the one that updates its terminals the least, but it is also not the one that updates its terminals the most.

Excellent battery life

As much as the best cell phones of the brand have state-of-the-art equipment, the reality is that the vast majority of their equipment can boast of having very good batteries which allow continuous use for several hours, without the need to recharge them from time to time.

If you are looking for a phone that saves you from thinking all day about having to plug the terminal into the socket or into a Powerbank, the Motorola may be for you. best mid-range cell phones that you will find in the market.

The passage of time has allowed technology to create equipment with more careful designs, best material overall and also an optimal photographic section. something that characterizes motorola mobile phonesis that they have not lost things that other brands have, such as: FM radio, slot to insert a microSD, and of course the much appreciated port for traditional headphones.

A very good decision made by the managers of the company is that the newer Motorola cell phones retain these features like from day one. This way, they make sure that lifetime users continue to buy their devices and don’t switch companies.

Key Features of the Motorola Model G

The brand’s G series has come to revolutionize everything. These teams have characteristics that very few can boast of, and for this reason, they allow the company to remain in full force. Also, these Motorola Cell Phone Prices they are quite accessible, so the combo is almost ideal.

photographic quality

The quality of images that can be captured using the G family is very high. If you love taking photos, the Moto G 5G is one of them best price quality cell phones in this aspect. It has a triple rear camera of which the main one is 48MP, and the others are 12MP and 8MP.

The software is really neat, as it recognizes smiles without a problem, takes pictures in normal motion or slow motion, selects colors, etc.

efficient processors

This company is one of best cell phone brands because it brings together 8-core processors in its equipment, with large capacity batteries and great autonomy. In this way optimal team performanceWell, almost all of them have Snapdragon processors.


The battery is probably one of the indisputable points in favor of the brand. If you are looking Models and prices of Motorola cell phones low, let us tell you that the battery will not drop below 4000mAh. You can use it for a few hours before you even think about having to recharge it.

High resolution on your screens

The best mid range cell phones, within the G family they bring a Max Vision screen with highly polished edges and perfect resolution that does not exaggerate and end up disturbing. They are very light and resistant, in addition to I know fit perfectly to the rest of the phone.

2 Moto G Models for this 2023

Motorola can boast of developing more and more best cell phones. However, here we leave you our selection of 3 devices so that you can take full advantage of the advantages that a mobile can bring you.

Moto G52

The G52 is a recent member of the Moto G family. It has a good 6.6-inch OLED display with FHD+ resolution and a 90Hz variable refresh rate. Its processor is a powerful Snapdragon 680, and it can come in 4GB or 6GB variants, both with 128GB of space.

Its rear camera is triple, 50MP, while the front reaches 16MP. Its battery is 5000mAh and can be recharged quickly with a 30W charger.

Moto G31

On the Moto G31 side, we are talking about a device with a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen and Full HD+ resolution. The processor is a Mediatek Helio G85 and it comes with 4GB while the storage can vary between 64GB and 128GB.

On the back, it has 3 cameras of which the main sensor reaches 50MP, while the rest complete it with 8MP and 2MP. The selfie camera is 13 MP. Its battery meets expectations again, since it consists of a 5000mAh with fast charge.


By way of conclusion, it would be good to mention again the great advantages that characterize the Motorola G series, being battery and screen quality some of the highlights.