Why are My AirPods Not Working?

Why are My AirPods Not Working? Sometimes problems tend to arise and today we show you this guide to resolve any possible charging, sound, or connection conflict.


AirPods are headphones fully optimized for use with Apple devices. The experience offered is one of the best on the market and compared to other competitors, the AirPods are particular.

If you have time to use them and suddenly you detect problems in their operation, problems with charging, or it’s today we will show you several ways to resolve the conflict.

This procedure will help you check your AirPods

To detect the conflict it is necessary to check the AirPods in every possible way. It is also necessary to review certain aspects of the primary device on which you use them, preferably the iPhone.

Start by checking the battery section. Please check the AirPods case and AirPods separately. Put them in the case, close the lid and reopen it near the iPhone. Check that they have a considerable percentage to be able to play music (50% should be enough). If you find that one of the AirPods has a weaker battery than its pair, you should put them to charge until the two are on equal footing.

The charging case is very different between the two generations of AirPods

Does Bluetooth work? Check that the iPhone is turned on. Some recognition issues stem from something as simple as logging in. On the other hand, the problem could be physical, and cleaning the AirPods could be the solution. Clean the speaker and microphone grilles (read more below).

If the conflict is not resolved, further action must be taken

As in any device, if there is a big problem one of the solutions is to apply a reboot.

  1. Put both AirPods into the charging case and close the lid
  2. wait 30 seconds
  3. Open the lid and on your iPhone, open the Settings –> Bluetooth section and press the (i) button on your AirPods
  4. Apply the “Forget this device” option
  5. With the AirPods case open, press and hold the single button on the back until the light flashes amber and then white.

The AirPods will have restarted and you can pair them with the same device or another.

If you have charging issues, you should check the case and make sure there is no small debris clogging the metal contacts on the bottom. This makes charging possible and could be fixed with careful cleaning. Try setting the case with a lightning cable and/or charger if you have a wireless charging case.

One Last Option, Cleaning

Following the previous line of the load listener, cleaning the AirPods could resolve the usage conflict. Apple recommends using a branded disinfectant wipe to perform the procedure. You can also use a cloth and a little water. Once cleaned, let them dry before placing them in the case or in your ears.

To help you get to those hard-to-reach places, you can use a dental floss pick or something that won’t scratch your AirPods. In my experience, I have used wooden sticks tied with cotton or a small part of a soft cloth to remove the dirt.

If you can’t resolve the conflict with your AirPods, you have no choice but to turn to Apple

After exhausting all attempts to allow your AirPods to work, the best option is to contact Apple through the Support app. You can choose the chat option or ask them to make a phone call. If you can’t use the app, here are several ways to contact Apple.

Both solutions are perfect because an Apple expert will ask you what’s going on and what steps to take. Remember to indicate that you have already taken several actions to ease the conflict.

Ask for an opinion in an Apple Store to diagnose the problem. And if you have new AirPods, we recommend this user guide to know them in depth according to the model.