3 reasons, According to Apple, Why Apple Pay is safer than a regular card

Why Apple Pay is safer? Over the years we have seen how mobile payments have become popular more and more among users. Around the world, more and more banks are offering compatibility with platforms such as Apple Pay, in order to increase user convenience for users who do not have to take out their card to make payments store or online.

Despite this, there are still many reluctant people who do not consider it okay to store the card on their mobile phone. The reasons why this happens depends on the thoughts of the users, but the truth is that there are many who believe it is because it is not safe. It is precisely for this reason that Apple tries to make users understand that its Apple Pay payment system can become safer than any of the classic cards.

The 3 Reasons Why Apple Pay is Safer?

As we mentioned, according to the information shared by the cult of Mac, although they are not publicly available by Apple, they have created a collection of 3 short videos with different reasons why Apple Pay is more secure than a standard credit or debit card.

The Apple Pay payment system can be considered more secure than a classic card

The videos in question appeared on Apple’s YouTube channel in the UK and are hidden uploaded it is therefore expected that advertising will be commissioned following them. Following the company’s usual techniques, it wouldn’t be surprising if the videos were broadcast in other countries and other media like television.

Stolen physical cards can be used by thieves

In the first of the videos, “Stolen”, Apple uses the thieves. The truth is that during physical cards can be stolen easily, the iPhone, although stolen, does not allow use for payments. Before carrying out any transaction, it is necessary to use the Face ID or Touch ID authentication or know the unlock code of the terminal.

Anyone can pay with a card, but not with a mobile

The second of the videos, “Contactless” with a shorter duration, shows that by means of a physical card with Contactless technology, anyone can make payments up to a certain amount. This may end up causing a problem, whereas if you have an iPhone with Apple Pay for any payment Authentication via Touch ID or Face ID is required depending on the phone model, much safer.

Apple Pay doesn’t reveal your card information

The last of the videos, “Exposed”, shows another of the problems with physical cards. Usually all those issued by banks usually have the PAN number, expiry date and security code visible, something that could lead anyone to abuse it on some platforms with just a photo. In the case of Apple Pay, card information is completely private and no one can see it.