Why AirPods Not Charging or turning off by themselves? Reason for new update

Why AirPods Not Charging? AirPods are legendary headphones, arguing with this is absolutely useless. At the time of their release in 2016, they caused a stir in the mobile device market, and competitors could not offer at least something similar for a long time. But, like any other gadget, AirPods are not without flaws.

We often hear that headphones have poor sound quality or poor battery life, but this is all for a hobbyist. The real problems start when AirPods stop charging or one of the headphones suddenly turns off by itself. And this despite the fact that there are no falls or other objective reasons for such a disease.

Often noticing this, users consider everything as minor bugs and expect everything to go away on its own. But in fact, it has quite a reasonable explanation – the next AirPod Firmware Update.

Another update broke AirPods. We are looking for ways to resolve the situation.

Why AirPods Not Charging?

About a week ago Apple tech users started complaining massively about AirPods charging issues. Their earbuds just don’t charge when connected to the case. However, there is no objective reason for this. Here is what one of the Reddit users wrote:

I have AirPods Pro and sometimes the correct AirPods won’t charge. The headphones have been in the case all day, but even after that the iPad says they are empty. Does anyone have any idea what this might be related to? On the other hand, the left earphone works very well. There was no damage to the helmet in the near future.

Apple itself writes almost nothing about this. If you open the articleIf your AirPods aren’t charging“On the official website you will only find general recommendations such as charging for at least 15 minutes and recommendations for using the original cable.

AirPods won’t charge just in case? It is likely that the reason lies in the new update.

It is clear that before blaming Apple itself, one must rule out other reasons why AirPods stopped charging. Most often this happens due to contact pollution on AirPods, or buildup of debris inside the case. We have already written to you a thousand times and we repeat it to you. Finally buy yourself a special cleanser. It costs nothing, but the result is obvious.

Caring users have found that in addition to pollution and other nuances, the reason may lie in new AirPods firmware — 4E71. Apple released it AirPods update about a week ago, and since then similar issues have been observed.

How to Check AirPods Firmware

For check airpods firmwareYou need:

  • Connect headphones to your iPhone.
  • Then, on your smartphone, open Settings, Bluetooth.
  • Find your AirPods among the available devices.
  • Click on the “i” icon next to your headphones.
  • Scroll down the list and find Version.

You can check AirPods firmware like this.

An AirPods Disconnects

The most common problem that came up the other day is AirPods suddenly stopping. Some owners write that one of the headphones turns off every 5 minutes, others say that every time they use the AirPods they have to reconnect them using the button on the back.

In Cupertino, the problem has not yet been commented on, so we should not blame everything on the update. As a solution, our colleagues suggest unpairing the AirPods, changing the name of your iPhone and pairing them again. Here’s how:

  • Connect your headphones to your iPhone.
  • Then, on your smartphone, open Settings, Bluetooth.
  • Find your AirPods among the available devices.
  • Click on the “i” icon next to your headphones.
  • Scroll down the list and click Forget This Device.
  • After that, go back to Settings, go to General, About this device, Name.
  • Change the name of your iPhone and reconnect your headphones.

Delete AirPods from the list of available devices and change the name to iPhone. The problem must be solved.

I can’t say for sure that this method will work, but it has helped some. It’s unclear if this will completely fix the problem or if it will only allow you to use the AirPods for a while without hassle. One thing is certain: if AirPods are disabled due to firmware, Apple will fix it in a future update.

Why do AirPods take so long to charge?

Some users have been affected by another problem – their AirPods drain slowly. Most often, the load stops at a certain value and does not exceed it. That is to say charge your AirPods becomes an impossible task.

My AirPods Pro show they are charging, but in fact they only charged to 10% in 5 hours. I tried unplugging the headphones, but to no avail. I would be happy for any help, – writes the owner of AirPods Pro on Reddit

The decision did not have to wait long. Apparently in new AirPods update many are observed optimized charging issues. You probably already know that the earphones charge smartly and fill the rest of the charge just before you take them out of charge. Otherwise, take a look here, we have an entire article dedicated to optimized AirPods charging.

If your AirPods start charging slowly try disabling optimized charging feature in settings:

  • Connect headphones to your iPhone.
  • Then, on your smartphone, open Settings, Bluetooth.
  • Find your AirPods among the available devices.
  • Click on the “i” icon next to your headphones.
  • Turn off the toggle switch next to Optimized Charging.

If your AirPods are charging very slowly, try disabling Optimized Charging.

On a good note, the function is very useful and allows for serious extend the battery life of your AirPods, but in the latest update, apparently, the feature doesn’t quite work properly. With the release of the new firmware, it will be possible to reactivate everything.

It is impossible to say at this time which particular model of AirPods has been affected by these problems. On my AirPods 3 everything works as usual, although the firmware is the latest. Most commonly, firmware owners complain, but you can also see AirPods 2 complaints in the Reddit thread.