Who is Viewing Your Instagram Profile? Is it possible to know?

Popularity is a very appetizing candy but short-lived and difficult to obtain. However, many are looking for this in social networks. Be the most seen Facebook, Tik Tok Where instagram. However, it is not always easy know the visits that you had in your profile.

For example, you are probably curious about who is visiting your Instagram profile or who is viewing your profile. The answer, in part, will be found in Instagram statistics.

I will go straight to the point. Instagram won’t tell you who views your Instagram profile. They may have this data, but if they keep it, it’s for internal use. It will tell you how many people have “liked” or commented on an image or video.

And how many followers do you have? If you want to get more data, Instagram will offer you profile statistics if you activate it as Company profile. And yet, there will be metrics you miss, like who visits your profile.

The only real solution, today, to know more about your followers on Instagram is to take a look at the available metrics and do a rough calculation. Knowing who visits your Instagram profile is not possible, but you can approach or discover other metrics and statistics as or more important than that.

Results of a search for “Instagram Profile Views” on Google Play

Apps don’t work miracles

you have surely seen mobile applications that promise give you this information. Applications to see who visits your Instagram profile. You just need to search Google Play or App Store and several of them will appear. Unfortunately, none of them work.

You cannot know who sees your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram profile. At most, you can find out who is looking for you on LinkedIn, and to get this detailed information, you need to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium.

What are the apps that promise this information doing? They give you a number, yes, but that number is basically an average, an approximation which takes into account your followers, your following and, at most, the interactions with your publications.

The resulting figure is not exactly who views your Instagram profile. I insist. This data, if in the hands of Instagram, is not public.