What is WhatsApp Secret Camera for and How can you take advantage of it?

What is WhatsApp Secret Camera? WhatsApp the leading instant messaging application, has become an indispensable part of our daily lives, allowing us to stay connected with our loved ones, whether here or abroad, by allowing us to make calls even on the other side of the world, or at facilitating us the exchange of photos, videos, emoticons or other stickers.

However, many users are still unaware of some subtle details of this social platform, which is now owned by the company. Goal. Have you noticed, for example, that little camera icon that appears when you open the application? Have you ever used it? So let’s get to it!

How to use WhatsApp Secret Camera?

Located right next to the tabbed chat (or discussions), this icon opens the application’s camera. You may never have used it, but it is very useful as it allows you to take a photo, record a video or post a status.

It is true that we are usually more used to sending shared content directly through a specific chat when we are in the middle of a discussion with a contact. But this icon can make things easier for you.

To access it, just open WhatsApp on your phone Android.

You will see that the bar shows Chats, Status and Calls.

Next to these options, there is a camera icon: when you press it, you will see that the camera of your mobile will turn on automatically.

If you take a photo WhatsApp will upload it as a status.

You can then edit it however you want and even determine which of your friends can see it.

However, remember that the states (or stories) in WhatsApp only last 24 hours. After this time, they will be deleted.

Steps to remove the WhatsApp Camera Icon

According to information published by the WabetaInfo technology portal, the tab «Camera» will be replaced shortly by the new tool «Communities«: the same one that has been in development for months and will soon reach the beta version of WhatsApp for Android.

What are communities? Basically, it is a space where the administrators will have more control over the groups of WhatsApp that they manage In other words, they will be able to create a community chat within a group discussion.

Specifically, if there are twenty students in a class, the group of WhatsApp could be divided into 4 communities of 5 users. You can also remove the camera icon and replace it with the community icon.

However, at the moment, this icon can only be replaced in the beta version of the WhatsApp testing program in which users experiment with the new features that the Meta company plans to add to its application before they are officially released worldwide.