Whatsapp Schedule Message: How to do it?

If you are one of the people who hardly remember the birthdays of all their friends and family, with this Whatsapp Schedule Message, you will no longer worry about it.

Remembering anniversaries, birthdays and important dates for each of your friends, coworkers, and family can be a difficult task, especially if you consider yourself a little organized person. Luckily and thanks to technology, this will no longer be a problem, since now you can program birthday greetings on WhatsApp.

Yes, you read that correctly; there is an alternative to schedule specific messages and reminders to be sent to your WhatsApp contacts on the date and time you assign. This trick is only available for Android phones, so if you have one, pay attention to the step by step to achieve it.

Whatsapp Schedule MessageHow to schedule birthday greeting messages on WhatsApp?

To achieve this trick, you must first download an application called SKEDit WhatsApp Scheduling App to your phone, which will allow you to schedule the automatic sending of messages easily. It is a completely safe app that is available on Google Play.

Now, how to schedule a message ?:

1. Open the SKEDit WhatsApp Scheduling App on your phone and give it the necessary permissions.

2. Choose WhatsApp as the default application for SKEDit, as the connection method to schedule the sending of automatic messages.

3. A new window will open in which you must schedule your automatic message specifying the day and time.

4. Choose the WhatsApp contact or group you want to receive this message.

5. Finally, write your message with a text of no more than 1,800 characters. You can attach audios, images, emojis, and documents. Ready!

It’s that simple; you no longer have to remember all the birthdays and anniversaries. Furthermore, this feature will also help you create reminders for your coworkers or school colleagues.

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