WhatsApp is Updated with more Group Call Participants.

WhatsApp is updated with more Group Call Participants. It’s been a week since WhatsApp confirmed, now officially, the arrival of reactions to its application. However, this is not the only feature that will land on the service. As reported by the site 9to5MacWhatsApp for iOS now lets you make calls with up to 32 participants. An impressive leap from the 8 the app has allowed so far.

Also, when you receive a group voice call, the “Incoming call” screen will show participants of the same. First, of course, you’ll see the person who invited you to join. Upon entering the Calls section, you will be able to see the members of the meeting from the history.

This enhancement comes with version 22.8.80 of WhatsApp for iPhone. Plus, it’s a step closer to the expected reactions we’ve been seeing in leaks for several months now.

Also, the company added and promised more and more improvements for its application; some of them were quite inspired by proposals that had already existed on Telegram for several years.

In cases like this, we have the option of sending larger files via WhatsApp. Specifically up to 2 GB, although it is currently only in the testing phase in Argentina. We also receive the new “community chats”, although the company assures us that they will not be the same as those offered by Telegram. This last feature should be available at the end of this year.

WhatsApp is updated with more Group Call Participants.

Although the new ability to make calls with up to 32 people is the main feature, it’s not the only one. In fact, with this new update, the service took the opportunity to improve some cosmetic issues with your application.

The new version includes a slight overhaul of some components of its interface, including a “social audio design”, as described 9to5Mac. Now, speakers and waveforms will be highlighted that appear in new WhatsApp voicemails.

In addition to the redesign of the voicemail bubbles, we will also see a change in the contact and group information section. WhatsApp has also provided a new feature that will allow us to access our favorite photos and videos in the iPhone reel.

These features are already available in the latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone. If you want to catch them, just go to the app store and update. If you already have the latest update and still can’t use it, don’t worry. In a few weeks, the company ensures that all users will be able to have them; as is often the case for a large part of the functions that come to the service.

Improvements for the web version

According to comments from WABetaInfo, it seems that the improvements are not limited to the iOS version. Upcoming users will be able to see the arrival of Reactions 2.0 to the service. This novelty is developed specifically for WhatsApp Web — from the moment – and will allow all users to react to a message with any emoji they want.

“This means that with the new version of WhatsApp reactions, we will be able to react to messages by choosing any emoji from the emoji picker. Recently, Will Cathcart also announced on Twitter that the same feature will have all emojis and skin tones, which will come at a later date.”