WhatsApp Invisible Mode: how to hide yourself from all or some contacts

Learn about each trick to go unnoticed and hide from all or just some of your contacts with WhatsApp invisible mode.

On many occasions, the constant messages that come to us through the famous instant messaging application can be overwhelming. Sometimes, we think about the need for a break and a little privacy to do other activities. For these purposes, we present you with some tricks to activate WhatsApp in ‘invisible mode’ so that you can hide from all or only some of your contacts.

How to activate WhatsApp invisible mode and hide from everyone? 

WhatsApp’s ‘invisible mode’ allows you to enter your conversations (chats) without the famous “Online” appearing. In that sense, your contacts will not know that you have read the chat messages. It should be noted that while you have the “invisibility” function enabled, you will not be able to send any message.

Steps to activate the invisible mode of WhatsApp:

  • Please enter the following linkhttps://www.compart.com/en/unicode/U+2800 (it should be noted that it is an application other than WhatsApp).
  • Copy the transparent emoji, named U + 2800.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ on WhatsApp.
  • Click on your profile picture, press the pencil to modify your username, and paste the emoji.

WhatsApp invisible mode is only available in the mobile version. Unfortunately, if you try to access from WhatsApp Web, it doesn’t work because your “Online” status does appear.

Other ways to “become invisible” on WhatsApp 

WhatsApp includes other functions that allow us to disappear or go unnoticed by our contacts or those people that we do not have added to our list. Here are a handful of the features that can be enabled:

Remove your profile picture: use a profile picture that doesn’t reveal your face (fixed colours), or delete it and leave it blank.

Hide your profile picture from others: WhatsApp allows you to hide or show your profile picture to ‘Everyone’, ‘My contacts’, ‘Nobody’.

Put your WhatsApp name blank (do it from WhatsApp Web): you have to click on your profile picture to access it and click on the button to change your name. 

Go to this link and select the blank box between the quotation marks. When the selections, copy it by pressing Control + C . Then paste the blank box in the space where you have to write your name in WhatsApp.

Hide your biography: WhatsApp allows you to hide or show your biography to ‘Everyone’, ‘My contacts’, ‘Nobody’.

Hide your statuses: WhatsApp allows you to hide or show your statuses to ‘My contacts’, ‘My contacts, except …’, ‘Only share with …’. However, the best thing is that you do not publish any status unnoticed.

Disable the double blue check: Disable the blue popcorn to disable the read receipt symbol. If you do this, remember that you will also stop receiving all read confirmations; that is, you will not know when your contacts have read what you have written.

Disable the ‘Last time’: WhatsApp allows you to hide or show the last time you connected to ‘Everyone’, ‘My contacts’, ‘Nobody’.

Put all these tricks and tools into operation and “become invisible” in WhatsApp.