What to Do If You Spill Coffee on Your Laptop?

Water is a good thing! It gives life, refreshes in the heat of summer, etc. You can remember all the phrases we hear regularly. But water is very fluid and conducts electricity very well – this is its danger to technology.

It can bypass any system. And even in the purest alpine lakes, water is not something that can evaporate without a trace. It just seems that if it dries up, there’s nothing left. In fact, even fresh water leaves behind a layer of salt and minerals.

They are harmful to technology. Here is a brief description of why water is bad for electronics, but it is better to deal with this in more detail because you have not only paid attention to this material.

This beauty needs to be protected from water

What to Do If You Spill Coffee on Your Laptop?

We have already understood a little about the dangers of water for electronics, but we will come back to this a little further down. First of all, I will say that if any liquid gets into your MacBook or another computer (especially if it is not ordinary water), you need to go to a service center urgently. But you can help with the computer yourself.

First, you need to understand that the “if it works now, then nothing happened” logic doesn’t work here. This, by the way, even applies to the iPhone, which is protected from water. Apple does not guarantee that it will continue to operate after contact with water. Essentially, the assigned water resistance rating simply means that the test phone passed the test – nothing more. During operation, the seal may be broken. But it’s a minor distraction. Back to the MacBook.

Apple computers, like the vast majority of others, are not protected from water, while laptops are the most prone to flooding. Spilling water or other liquids on a desktop computer or iMac is quite difficult. The keyboard can suffer the most.

We take a laptop with us to cafes and other places, and the most expensive is not far from us, but directly under our hands. And take a hit.

Our friends at the Apple Pro Service Center tell us from time to time how users come to them with a flooded keyboard. However, it is often possible to save the device and do without expensive repairs precisely due to the conscientiousness of the owners of the equipment.

Despite the promise of moisture protection, even the iPhone shouldn’t get wet. What about the MacBook, where there is no protection?

What to do If your MacBook Gets Water?

The main and first rule – forget the rice. It’s a myth ingrained in people’s minds. It absorbs water very well, but it does not suck it in from inside the device.

Even if you sprinkle it on a computer board, it will only absorb the liquid, not the salts and minerals dissolved in it. But he will leave a lot of his trash. And if you scatter it on the keyboard, it can turn it off, even if the water didn’t.

An important first aid rule is to turn off the gadget. Turn it off immediately! Do not just close the lid, but turn it off via “Turn off the computer”. If you have the opportunity, the skills, the tools, and the confidence, you can remove the bottom cover and disconnect the battery cable. Following the service center. If there is no self-confidence directly to service. Preferably run and jump.

Waiting for a taxi put the laptop upside down and put on a towel. Gently close the lid without pressing it and bring the computer in this form to the masters. Thus, the water will not flow deeper and potential repairs will be cheaper.

Many service centers, such as Apple Pro, will accept you without queuing, so there’s a better chance of saving your computer. But even if you can’t unplug the battery, at least don’t plug in the charger. Or disable it if it is already connected.

Even if the water hasn’t penetrated the case, getting it under the keys is already bad in itself.

What liquids are most dangerous for electronics?

You also need to understand that the more liquid differs from pure water, the worse it is. Coffee, tea, and alcohol, especially sparkling or sweet, make the situation much more difficult. They have more than anything that can lead to breakage.

Myself, about 7-8 years ago, before I started working at AppleInsider and talking to the Apple Pro guys, I damaged my MacBook Air with a strong single-malt alcoholic drink. It was spilled on my computer and caught on the bottle when asked to charge the phone from something. You had to think that it was not worth putting the computer on the table, but what to remember.

The laptop then continued to work, although some keys mechanically worked a bit strangely. There were issues with the hinge, but it all happened quickly and I decided it was over.

It was then necessary to be smarter and contact the service immediately. I only ended up doing it after a few months (I haven’t used this computer very often). I had to change the keyboard, motherboard and mounting hinges.

If I had been vigilant right away, it would have been possible to get by with the dismantling and cleaning. And it’s a lot less money. Even then, in 2013-2014, I paid about 20,000 rubles for the restoration of the device, while a new MacBook of this type cost about 40,000 rubles. Imagine how much it will cost now. By the way, here you can see the repair prices for MacBooks of different models.

If you do not turn off the computer after exposing it to water, the process of electrochemical corrosion will begin immediately. Simply put, it is the destruction of metal, which occurs when water enters it and current is applied.

In cards, this is dangerous because their components are destroyed. They are already thin and delicate, and if they become thinner or completely destroyed, they will not be able to function as they should.

Sometimes this process only takes a few hours, so you should turn off the computer and shut it down as soon as possible. Water itself and its traces can be cleaned, but Destroyed components are for replacement only.

After contact with the equipment with water, the most important thing is to remove it in time. Only professionals can do that.

Is it worth carrying a flooded laptop for repair if it works?

Even if you are reading these lines from a computer that was flooded a few days ago, it does not mean that everything will be fine in the future. If a few drops did not get past the plastic keys, perhaps nothing bad will happen. But in any case, it is better to contact the service center for advice and verification.

You can choose any good service that has been around for a long time. For us, we choose the Apple Pro, but there are others who have a good responsible approach to repair. It is true that there are not many.

The main thing is not to contact the master who works on a small “island” in the shopping center and visit craftsmen. To perform the work, special equipment and testers are needed, which cannot be taken with you.

The sooner you seek help, the more likely you are to save your computer. It’s best to do this immediately, but after a few days, you shouldn’t think it’s too late. In any case, the sooner the computer is disassembled and cleaned, the less economical the repair will be. In some cases, this is the only way to save an expensive MacBook from total destruction.