What is Tunein Radio? Let us Review it

TuneIn is a free music streaming site which is like a radio with steroids. You can find any radio station playing an artist you want to listen to, as well as local radio stations, sports stations, news stations, radio shows, and stations from around the world.

There is also free music app TuneIn so you can take your favorite radio stations wherever you go.

What we like

  • More than 100,000 radios.
  • You can save your favorite stations for easy access.
  • All music is free to listen.
  • It also includes podcasts.
  • The mobile app is free from image ads and pop-ups.

What we don’t like

  • Just a radio service (can’t listen to specific songs).

What is Tunein Radio?

In addition to using TuneIn through a web browser, you can listen from more than 200 devices how IPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Windows, Samsung, Roku and Chromecast smart TVs.

Here’s more information about the TuneIn website and mobile apps:

  • You can find radios FM and AM local and remote, stations that are trending around the world, as well as stations for music, sports, news and talk genres, such as classic, folk, rock, hockey, football, soccer, baseball, politics. news, scanners, traffic, wine, travel, comedy Yes Technology
  • The mobile app allows you to find stations using the above methods, as well as by language, trending stations and Podcast main.
  • The stations you “favorite” will appear in your library for quick access
  • Selecting a station displays its location, genres, networks, language, upcoming shows and contact details
  • Custom stations can be added by your URLs in the app
  • Stations can be shared via facebook twitter and other social networking sites.
  • Comments can be left on stations, which can be viewed from the mobile app.
  • The mobile app supports an alarm and a sleep timer
  • The mobile app To agree have the car which transforms the app into a much simpler and cleaner interface with four large buttons to easily find recent and recommended stations, pause and play the station, and open the stations you follow.
  • Your user profile can be made private so that no one can see the stations you follow.
  • A paid app can be purchased if you want to record audio from radio stations

TuneIn Review

It’s one thing to have easy access to local radio stations around your current location, but To agree extends it to listen to music from around the world, as well as finding stations of many different genres, which is very good.

We also love that you can connect to To agree from a computer and from the application so that all your favorite stations follow you wherever you go.

Most music apps display ads at the top/bottom of the app. TuneIn has no such advertisements (besides promoting TuneIn Premium), which makes the experience even better.