What is the Best Gym app for iPhone?

If it's your first time working out, these gym apps available on iPhone will come in very handy on your first day. Download them now!

So your Question is “What is the Best Gym app for iPhone”

Keeping one good physical condition is vital, and if you want to have a fitness and healthy body, you have to change your lifestyle.

Fortunately, it is possible to have a training program free and from your iPhone. If you want to know the best gym apps available, keep reading this article.

If it’s your first time working out, these gym apps available on your iPhone will come in handy on your first day. Download them now!

The best apps for exercising at home recommended by Apple

Best iPhone Apps to Start the Gym

  • Strong Workout Tracker Gym Diary
  • Workout: Gym Workout Planner
  • SmartGym: Workouts at the gym and at home
  • Gym exercises and workouts
  • Gym Guide workouts and exercises
  • Fitbod workout and fitness plans
  • Fitness center
  • Fitocracy – Fitness Collective

Below you can see the best gym apps available on iPhone. And whether it’s your first workout or you’re already a professional athlete, each comes with tutorials and videos detailed to avoid injury.

Strong Workout Tracker Gym Diary

Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log: One of the most popular apps to use in the gym.

The Strong Workout Tracker Gym Diary app is perfect for you if it’s your first time at a gym and you don’t know where to start. It was designed for beginners in sports, and he has a wide variety of routines which can serve as support on the first day.

The interface is comfortable and quite intuitive, it also has its stopwatch to keep time, and each exercise is very well explained.

As if that were not enough, you will be able to see an illustration of how to do exercise and a small text indicating what muscle you will work on and how to execute the movement.

Workout: Gym Workout Planner

Training: a personal trainer with artificial intelligence

Workout: Gym Workout Planner is one of the best iPhone apps and very attractive for users since it incorporates a smart personal trainer who will guide you during training.

The application is complete and allows you to fill in your profile with your weight, height, age, and gender…, and then he will tell you what your ideal weight is and what kind of exercises you should start.

As if that were not enough, each exercise is very well explained, and you can even visualize it via a GIF, so you will know how to move. You can also choose between the different series present or focus on certain parts of the body: chest, back, legs and further.

SmartGym: Workouts at the gym and home

If you mind wearing the number of each series of exercises in the gym, don’t worry. The smart gym app will not be a problem, as it allows you to perform the exercises throughout the week in an organized way.

And if you are a personal trainer can be a very useful pocket tool since you will be able to create different profiles and, in each, take the routines performed by your clients under one minimalist and intuitive interface.

Gym exercises and workouts

Analyze your progress and establish exercise routines with Gym Exercises & Workouts

Gym exercises and workouts is another good gym app since it has a basic exercise routine very large, and you can even train all the muscles of your body easily, whether you are a man or a woman.

Of course, each exercise is explained in detail with illustrations, texts and professional videos. Also, you can see your progress over time (lost fat, gained muscle mass, etc.).

Gym Guide workouts and exercises

Gym Guide workouts & workouts: more than 200 exercises to do in the gym.

If you are new to the gym and have no idea about Training programs afterwardsGym Guide workouts and exercises are a good alternative.

He has the same more than 200 exercises explained by a professional through a short video, and thanks to his more than 140 exercise programs, you will be able to train every muscle in your body.

In addition, you will be able to perform some of the programs, focus on certain areas of your body, create your routines and wear a precise recording of your exercises during training.

Fitbod workout and fitness plans

Burn Fat, Lose Weight & Build Muscle with Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans

Fitbod workout and fitness plan It can adapt to any user, whether you are an athlete with years of experience or it is your first day. In this case, the application will help you in your fat-burning process, losing weight, increasing muscle mass definition and more.

Additionally, you can choose between a wide range of exercise programs with few machines or in the comfort of your home.

You will be able to appreciate each exercise through an animated GIF that you can speed up or slow down. You know exactly how to make a move.

Fitness centre

Fitness Point: an application to maintain your physical condition in good health

If you have little time to go to a gym but still want to keep your fitness healthy, consider a Fitness centre.

At first, it will only be a test to measure your abilities and Physical condition; then, he will make you a personalized plan based on the results.

The user interface is minimalist, and the exercises to be performed can be seen through an illustration. And in the image, the muscles to be worked will be represented in colour.

Fitocracy – Fitness Collective

Staying motivated during the training process is very important, being the key to lasting longer, and by applying Fitocracy – Fitness Collective, you will have this constant motivation.

All the training programs you will see in the app are enough dynamic and entertaining. You can choose between exercises targeted at certain areas of your body or perform full body workouts.

The interface is clean and well developed. It also incorporates its rest timer for more comfort.