What is Apple Homekit?

What is Apple Homekit? Mark Gurman, a writer for Bloomberg and popularly known for leaking Apple and tech products, recently came out to reveal the launch of new HomeKit models and other HomeKit accessories.

It seems that the firm with the bitten apple logo is considering the launch of one HomePod, one HomePod mini and two HomeKit-enabled devices. But its arrival on the market will not take place throughout this year, but will take place at the end of 2023 and/or the beginning of 2024.

According to Mark Gurman, Apple has “at least four new smart home devices in its labs, although not all of them will see the light of day.” In other words, they have prototype HomePod and HomeKit products but not all of them will be launched on the market.

The devices most likely to be unveiled will be the new HomePod and HomePod mini.

What is Apple Homekit?

Apple will present two models of HomePod and HomeKit accessories

Below we talk about the features and technical specifications that have been leaked about the new devices that Apple is working on.

New HomePod and HomePod mini models

The new HomePod would include Apple TV and FaceTime, being the premium version of the speaker

This leak reveals that the new HomePod is called with the code name “B620” and has the same s8 chip than the Apple Watch Series 8 and will be very similar “in terms of dimensions and audio performance” to the original HomePod.

But according to Mark Gurman, Apple is also working on launching a new HomePod mini model. The second generation of the miniature version of the HomePod will probably have support with connectivity Bluetooth 5.2but other hardware details about this smart little speaker are unknown.

This would all fit nicely with recent reports suggesting a new HomePod will have FaceTime and Apple TV functionality.

New HomeKit-enabled devices

On the other hand, as we suggested at the beginning of this article, Apple is also planning to launch two smart home devices with compatibility with your HomeKit platform. One of them focused on its use in the kitchen and the other on its use in the living room.

It could be the two new Apple HomeKit accessories:

  • A kitchen appliance that would be a mix between a smart speaker and an iPad.
  • A device for the living room that would be a mix between an Apple TV, a camera and a HomePod.

They’re not trivial home automation accessories like other HomeKit devices like an outlet, light bulb, scale, or security camera, but they have a much more ambitious target market. We’re talking about devices that would take the tech industry one step further.

Could we be faced with the launch of the definitive home automation devices? There is a wide range of HomeKit-enabled products on the market today, but combining the capabilities of an iPad, security camera, and smart speaker would completely change this sector of the tech industry.

Everything seems to indicate that the new products that Apple is testing in its laboratories they will be ready for early 2024. But, as we previously predicted, they could launch in late 2023.

HomeKit and home automation accessories?

Smart sockets, security cameras, LED strips, colored bulbs, motion sensors, smart locks, blinds, speakers, locks… the world of home automation is exciting and allows users to perform all kinds of tasks at the house with a simple faucet on the screen of their smartphones or tablets.

With home automation, we can turn on the fan using a Siri voice command, unlock a lock using a fingerprint, or completely change the mood of your home when you come home with colored light bulbs through location services.

Now Apple wants to revolutionize the home automation sector with two HomePod speakers and two HomeKit accessories that bring together very interesting features. A combination between a smart speaker and an iPad would be a success, especially if its price is not excessively high.

It would be like a sort of control panel for home appliances. Which of these new devices would you buy? Do you think they will all eventually see the light of day in 2023 or 2024?