what is a smart connector ipad

Apple will integrate two new connectors on its tablets for the magnetic attachment of accessories.


According to the latest rumors from the Japanese blog Macotakara, Apple plans to introduce new models of iPad Pro on the market later this year, and they will do so with a new type of smart connector.

The new generation of iPad Pro will have several updates at the hardware level. First, it is said to have a new and powerful M2 chip, in addition, it will also have a smart connector with two 4-pin connectors located at the top and bottom of the tablet.

These rumors come, according to Macotakara, from very reliable sources in China. Below is all the information we have about the iPad Pro 2023 and its features.

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What is a Smart Connector iPad?

The Smart Connector was first introduced in September 2015 on an iPad Pro and soon after it landed on the iPad Air and iPad range as well. This connector has three pins that allow magnetically attach accessories to the iPad.

In addition, the Smart Connector can power the accessories connected to it.

The new iPad Pro line will have two smart connectors

If it was recently revealed that the iPad models of 2023 will have a completely renewed design, today we were able to discover that the iPad Pro models too. At least they will change this small detail related to the Smart Connector which, a priori, will allow connect two devices via two 4-pin connectors.

Current iPad Pro models have a single 3-pin connector located at the bottom rear of the device.

According to this rumor, the new connectors of the Smart Connector of the iPad Pro of 2023 could provide additional power to devices that connect to the Thunderbolt or USB-C port of the iPad Pro.

The possibilities are endless, maybe we could see the presentation of an innovative accessory for the back of the iPad Pro. Or maybe it’s just a pure design move to change the layout of the tablet to orient it horizontally, instead of vertically as it’s always been since its inception.

Another possibility could have to do with third-party manufacturers, and it is that with the presentation of iPadOS 16, we have learned that the company with the bitten apple will allow device creators to manufacture drivers for iPad via the DriverKit support.

Finally, as an additional note, it’s also worth noting that some rumors suggest that the new iPad Pro will also support MagSafe.

Anyway, the most important thing is that the new location of the Smart Connectors does not cause incompatibility current peripherals such as Smart Keyboard or Magic Keyboard with the new iPad Pro models that will be presented at the end of 2023.

On another note, we recently learned that iPadOS 16 is more than likely to delay its official launch until October this year. Apparently, the software engineers of the firm with the bitten apple logo had some problems in the development of certain functions of the system.