What is a Deuteragonist? Why is it common in anime?

What is a Deuteragonist?  If they have something in common Naruto, Goku, Reena, Light, Eren, Maka, Edward, Kirito or Ryuko Matoiis that they are part of manga/anime protagonists better known. As usual, the stories of our favorite manga or anime have a main character, although sometimes there may be several. These are the central part of the plot, and therefore the story revolves around them.

However, often also there is another role almost as important as that of the protagonist: the deuteragonist. this is the second most important character in a play and can be both an ally and an enemy of the protagonist. Not all storylines have this character, which revolves entirely around the main character, but most have this character.

Generally, is usually a friend or companion of the protagonist; although, as we have explained, it can also be an enemy, or vary the roles depending on the story told. This, yes, most of the time strongly influences the plot of the protagonist and sometimes this intra-story is as important as the main plot.

Then we leave you a Top 5 Deuteragonist Anime Characters which you surely know:


Who doesn’t know this character? The Prince of All Saiyans is a character in the franchise Dragon Ball Zand is a perfect example of a deuteragonist who varies from friend to friend depending on the plot.

L is a mysterious detective in the series death threat, and his mission is to catch Kira. Although at first his name and face are unknown, as the plot progresses he becomes one of the best deuteragonists in the world.

Sasuke Uchiwa

Sasuke is another of anime’s most famous deuteragonists. Although the plot revolves around naruto the protagonist who gives his name to the license, Sasuke’s decisions are also decisive and important for the plot.

Mark lenders

Mark Lenders, also known as Kojiro Hyuga, is a character in the series Captain Tsubasa. As a deuteragonist, he sometimes disagreed with or aided the license’s main character, Oliver Atom.


He is the best friend of Gon Freecss, the main character of the series Hunter X Hunter. On several occasions, he has been the main protagonist of different arcs in the series, such as in “Election of the 13th President of Hunters Arc”.