What Features Does an Apple Watch Have?

What Features Does an Apple Watch Have? Annually, introduction of a new version apple watch, Apple focuses on their functionality. The presentation describes in sufficient detail the characteristics of the hardware and its links with the software. In this way in Cupertino form the idea of ​​a new device among buyers. And, it seems, what could be simpler?

If you like the functional watch, you should buy it. But, on the other hand, most users objectively need several functions from them: viewing notifications and training. Everything else fades into the background. And in this situation, the question may arise: why apple watch is the best-selling connected watch in the world?

The answer lies on the surface. apple watch is a rather stylish accessory, which in the right hands has almost unlimited customization potential. Many users vote for them with a ruble, not because of their cool features or advanced hardware. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s really worth it buy Apple Watch.

What Features Does an Apple Watch Have?

Dials for Apple Watch

All watchOS watch faces can be customized to meet your needs.

Any watch, in addition to fulfilling its main function – to tell the time – is also an accessory. In addition, some people, depending on the style of dress or their location, will wear different watches.

Not everyone can afford to change such an accessory depending on how they dress. But as soon as smartwatches started gaining popularity, a lot of things changed.

One of the main features of these devices is the possibility of replacing the dials and straps. During presentations, special attention is paid to how the dials can be customized and what information they can display.

This moment radically distinguishes the same apple watch classic watches. At any time, you can significantly change the look of your device and adapt it to your style. And most importantly, you don’t need another model for that. Everything will happen on one device.

Pay attention to the number of colors and settings a dial can have.

And with each new watch OS update the manufacturer adds brand new and new dials. But what is even more interesting, there are new possibilities of customization of the old ones. For example, in a separate article, we analyzed the changes that will occur with watch faces in watch OS 9.

Each user of this variety will be able to find what he likes on his own. The most interesting thing is that now you can configure the automatic change of dials by time or location. For example, go to work, and the watch takes on a classic look, without unnecessary information. You come home and you have the most informative and vivid dial. This greatly helps to diversify the design of the device as a whole. It just doesn’t get boring.

Strap for Apple Watch

Leather straps are the perfect complement to a business suit.

However, the dial is a dial, but with the same strap, the watch will in fact remain unchanged. And here countless different Apple Watch bands, bracelets and other accessories come to our aid. Want a metal bracelet?

No problem. Do you prefer leather straps? Can be purchased in any design. And all this at quite affordable prices, especially if you order from a conditional AliExpress Where Joom. We even made a separate selection with bands and bands for Apple Watch.

Agree, the choice is amazing? But the most important thing is not even their number, but the ease of replacement. Not all classic watch manufacturers offer a convenient mechanism for removing standard straps and bracelets.

And you have to go to specialized workshops. Not practical at all. apple watch on the other hand, it makes it possible to remove the old strap with a slight movement of the hand and to attach the new one. Simply press a button on either side and the bracelet is easily removed. Comfortable? Absolutely.

Steel bracelets are available in different varieties. You can choose the one you like.

Conventional watch makers have certainly started looking to their users lately. Many allow you to change the straps yourself. Equip them with a special tongue, picking it up, you can easily remove it. But this process is only at the very beginning. And not everyone has yet seized this opportunity in service.

Now imagine that you have a gadget apple watch and to this a large number of different bracelets and dials. You don’t need different devices. Only one that can be changed depending on the conditions around you. Do you do sports? Dial with health data and silicone strap. Are you going to the theatre? Milanese mesh strap and classic stopwatch display. Cool? Undoubtedly.

In such a situation Apple Watch functionality fades into the background. Basic functions, such as showing notifications and exercising for some users, the watch works perfectly and so on. Is everything else necessary? Some people can, and yes. But if apple watch were not a stylish accessory, no one would buy them. That’s what I think is the main reason for its popularity. apple smart watch. If you’ve never used them, try it in this role. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.