Web Designer: How To Improve Your Client’s Experience, In Addition To The Web User?

But let’s stop theorizing about the web user experience and talk about how you can improve the experience of your client as well as web visitors.

Show What you’re Worth.

Demonstrating what you are worth is what will make your potential client opt ​​for your services. But showing is not saying how good you are; instead, it is about giving proof of it.

Get Recommended

It can be said that this is the beginning and the end of the entire web user experience. It’s like I was telling you before: satisfying your customers will open doors for you.

Is it your first job?

There is no one to support you, so you must focus on your skills and how you put them into practice; creating a portfolio of designed web pages never hurts.

Fewer Words And More Tests

Your clients need evidence of your work; They hardly listen to how you sell yourself. We can tell you that what sells your proposal is previous web design work. So, save the extra words and focus on showing what you can do when designing your web page.

When showing yourself, do not attack with everything you have at first; allow your potential clients to assimilate the information; The idea is that they discover you little by little, so their interest will grow exponentially.

Accept new challenges

It would help if you got out of your comfort zone. Otherwise, you will get stuck in what you know how to do, and you will not evolve as a web page design professional.

I know it can be intimidating to take on web design projects that you don’t have previous experience with, but you have to be confident in your skills. Also, get used to it because the world of website design is constantly changing.

If you limit the projects for which you can be helpful, many of your potential clients will go with other options from your competition.

Of course, whenever possible, take your client to your comfort zone if the results will satisfy their need. But if you don’t go on an adventure, why not?

Offer a trial time or start with small projects.

We already know that for many website designers, it is complicated to prove what they are worth because they do not have the necessary experience, but that should not be a limitation.

You can constantly offer to give a trial time or participate in smaller projects so that your clients lose the fear of contracting the web page’s design to someone from whom they have no references.

Focus on what you will do and not how

It is essential that when you present a service proposal, you focus on what you will do and not on how you will do it. It is because, indeed, your customers do not understand what you are talking about.

For example, with the design of a web page, many clients care about the final result and its features, not about whether you used CSS2 or HTML5.

Make sure everyone is on the same page.

It is necessary, especially when working as a team, to make sure that everyone is on the same page. In other words, everyone knows and understands what you are going to do; it’s that simple.

If it is not possible to put a team in sync, the project will not give the expected results since each member will have different expectations.

It applies even when the team is you and your client; you need to know what he needs and expects to satisfy him. For that, you can use an audit and an SEO audit.

Audit what you want

You need to have a complete understanding of the project, from the content to the user to whom the web page’s design is directed.

Perform usability and web user experience tests

It is always necessary that you test the web user experience and that the project will give the expected results. Therefore, it is essential that you test usability and web user experience.

Of course, in the first stage, when the result is not ready, you can base yourself on an analysis of the competition or on a study of what the end-user expects from the design.

Define project goals

At the same time, this is the most accessible and most challenging thing to achieve since it is easy to ask yourself, “What do I hope to obtain?”. But it isn’t easy to answer; We have already told you that many people do not know what they want. Maybe you know you need it, but you can’t express why.

Be that as it may, you must define the objectives and make sure that everyone agrees with them; remember that this section is called “make sure everyone is on the same page.”

Make a prototype of the design according to the web user experience.

We like to call it a “design proposal,” It is generated after having compiled all the project information and once the objectives have been established at the web user experience level.

You must take a little time to make design samples because you make sure that you have captured well what you want and allow your clients to make the necessary changes.

Set project expectations

For the web user experience to be good, you need to be satisfied, as We have said several times. But you must understand that We are not talking about the final result but the entire project.

You should know that whoever hires you has all kinds of expectations, but they have expectations of how the project will develop. The expectations include that everything is done as soon as possible and with the best result. Then there are expectations of how much the whole project will cost, but we leave that for another time.

Since we must meet our customers’ expectations, it is good to consider several points that I will tell you below.

Divide the project into manageable parts

You need to have a schedule of activities that divides the project into small, easy-to-manage specific objectives that allow you to reach minor optimal points. This helps the client see the project’s progress and feel optimistic that it will finish in the expected time.

Share that schedule with your clients because that is giving them participation in the project, which is always liked.

It is never advisable to give an available delivery date without specifying how the time is spent. In addition, a schedule of activities allows you to close chapters to advance in the project.

Specify how long you have worked on the project

This is beneficial, especially when you have multiple projects. Your clients need to know that they are not working all day on that particular web design project, and therefore they need to know when you are available to serve them.

As with the activity schedule, you need to specify which days you work, which days you don’t, and when you can attend them.

Record Progress

Now that you have your schedule of activities, it is essential that you record the progress; that allows you to keep track of the project.

Facilitate collaboration

Since the process of designing a website involves multiple parties, you need to make sure collaboration is easy. You must make yourself a person who can be easily worked with.

include everyone

A strategy that will work wonders for you is the inclusion of all parties.

Remember that you will most likely have to meet the expectations of several people to be approved, so include them all and take into account all their suggestions.

Do not leave anyone out; You must become the element that unites the entire work team.

Send updates and make it easy for them to analyze them.

It will always be vital to give part of what you have done, especially before leaving.

For example, if you are going to take some time off (as planned), you should send a progress update to show that you have progressed as much as expected; of course, you should send it in a way that allows reading the information make the pertinent observations.

About the tools you use to show progress, try to ensure that they are used by the counterpart, making it easy for them to supervise the work.

Separate the personal from the professional

This is the last point that we will talk about today, and it is essential because you must understand that one thing is what you want and think, and another thing is what is asked of you.

We are not telling you to work on something you don’t like, but there are times when you have to give in so that the client is satisfied.

Please do not put your tastes before what your clients want; always try to give them what they want, but know how to give suggestions when you think the correct path is not taken.

Make others look and feel good about the job. If you deal with a person within an organization whose reputation depends on your work, strive to give the best results. This way, that person will stand in good standing before his superiors and thank you with new projects or recommendations.

We are not going to deny that working with clients is often complicated, especially when they are a group of people and not just one person. But it is up to you to know how to deal with the situation.