WatchOS vs WearOS: There is something to think about

WatchOS vs WearOS: Summer is a time when electronics manufacturers are quiet. No one dares to deploy new items while users are resting: only insiders arouse interest, giving details about gadgets from time to time. And only Samsung is one of the few companies to traditionally roll out updates for foldable smartphones and smartwatches in August.

Thus, Apple already knows that the Galaxy Watch 5 will again become the main competitor, it seems that the Cupertino company will have to redouble its efforts with Apple Watch Series 8, because Samsung’s new product is just the top. And today we’ll find out what’s new Galaxy Watch 5 is cooler than Apple Watch 7. It will be interesting!

Compared the new Galaxy Watch 5 with Apple Watch 7

Of course, comparing one watch to another is a bit odd, since the Apple Watch only works in tandem with the iPhone, and the Galaxy Watch works with Samsung. Yes, you can “cross” a smartwatch with another platform, but you will be limited in functions. However, the analysis is clearly useful, since many people believe that the Apple Watch has no competitors.

Smart Watch Display

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has retained its round shape – the traditional form factor of any watch in principle. Inside is a bright and clear Super AMOLED display. But you can’t say that this shape is better – we just got used to the fact that watches should be like this. Managing it is quite simple, but very unusual because of that.

Some gestures are actually more practical on a rectangular Apple Watch than on a round screen. Moreover, new samsung watch lost chips – a rotating bezel, which was in last year’s version. It was handy for navigating menus and interacting with apps. On the plus side, the screen is bright and crisp, making images devoid of grain.

The Galaxy Watch 5 happens to have a brighter, sharper display

In this context, the Apple Watch seems to be a more practical option: the Digital Crown exists so as not to touch the screen with dirty hands. The rectangular design makes the gadget feel like it has more usable space on the screen, and it’s convenient to press small icons even with your thumbs. The screen isn’t perfect, but you can comfortably watch YouTube!

WatchOS vs WearOS

Wear OS offers a completely different experience. Suitable for those who like to slide

Samsung has translated its smart watch on Wear OS from Google, making it look like a smartphone shell interface. Visually very similar, but the system itself is still quite raw: it has a lot of swipes, unusual interface solutions, and in general it seems that the Galaxy Watch is a gadget from a completely different ecosystem, unlike watchOS, with which iPhone and smartwatches form a whole.

On the plus side, Samsung Watches have that newness and freshness in device handling that Apple Watch owners miss year after year. In general, both systems are very interesting, but watchOS is simpler than Wear OS.

Apple Watch Battery

The battery is the strength of the Galaxy Watch 5

Here we come to the most interesting. Apple Watch Battery – the weakest point of smartwatches. The developers claim that with active use they will last 18 hours. Yes, they can be charged up to 80% in 45 minutes, but is it practical?

Whether it’s Galaxy Watch: last year’s version worked for 40 hours without charging, and new galaxy watch received a 15% increased battery. Speaking of smartwatches, this doesn’t offer a significant benefit, and in testing Samsung watches didn’t always hit 40 hours. Despite this, The Galaxy Watch lasts longer than the Apple Watch.

Features Galaxy Watch 5

If you thought our comparison would fall in favor of the Apple Watch, then you were very wrong. The Galaxy Watch 5 has obvious advantages when it comes to sensors for monitoring well-being, as well as some technical solutions. For example, here.

Galaxy Watch monitors your health even more than you think

  • Bioactive sensor – not only measures the pulse and blood oxygen level, but also gives the most accurate feedback on how you feel during your workout. They are so precise and smart that they can remind you how much water you have lost and how to restore the balance.
  • The Galaxy Watch 5 has temperature sensor, which the Apple Watch doesn’t have (and probably won’t). It measures body temperature separately from the environment, so the data won’t be exact, but it’s better than nothing at all.
  • The Apple Watch uses Ion-X Glasswhich is easier to scratch than break. The Galaxy Watch 5 has sapphire, which is not scratched and is harder to break.
  • There are fewer straps for the Galaxy Watch than for the Apple Watch, but the original ones are cheaper.
  • Traditionally received Samsung smartwatches good mic to answer calls.

The new Galaxy Watch 40mm is still cheaper than the Apple Watch – starting at $279 (about 17,000 rubles) for the non-LTE version, while the Apple Watch 7 still costs over $400 (about 26,000 rubles). rubles).

And you know what? In my opinion, the Galaxy Watch is the most preferred option over the Apple Watch. Samsung is not afraid to experiment, and above all, to improve its watches. Yes, Wear OS isn’t perfect, but there are many chips to control health.

However, even though the Apple Watch is still more practical due to the form factor and the operating system, Samsung has made a big attempt by launching this watch.

What do you think of Samsung’s new product? Good try or fail on the Apple Watch background? Share your thoughts in the comments – it will be interesting to read!