Watch YouTube on Safari: Why I watch YouTube on iPhone via Safari and advise you

Watch YouTube on Safari: The apps on the iPhone are what makes it so convenient. Although in fact, the application is just a separate program with all the functionality of some services, sometimes it may not work properly and some functionality may be missing for some reason.

Therefore, in some cases it is easier to use the web version than the app: there are many such cases, and YouTube is just one of them. Today we are going to understand what is the difference between the web version of YouTube and the application and how to watch youtube on an iPhone.

We understand how convenient it is to watch YouTube on iPhone

YouTube App for iPhone

YouTube app for iOS is the easiest way to watch your favorite videos. The app downloads quickly, but the main problem is that it gets updated too often. Also, developers often change things in updates and add new icons, so after installing a new version you can get a little confused. The same player has been updated several times in a year, which is very unusual. So it’s better to disable automatic update apps and don’t install updates if you don’t want problems.

There are too many elements in the YouTube app when viewing. For example, the title

On the other hand, the application YouTube supports swipe gestures double-tap, and while rewinding, a graphic of the most popular sections is displayed on the timeline: by clicking on it, you can view the content and immediately jump to the right moment.

When the Internet is weak, the application pages load faster than in the browser version, the interface works smoothly even on older iPhones, and the video automatically loads in low quality – it’s faster that way. Also, if the application is installed, when you search in the browser when you click on the link, you are transferred there and it is more difficult to open it in the same Safari – you need to click “Open in a new tab” so that it does not open in the YouTube app.

How to Watch YouTube on Safari?

The most convenient way to watch youtube on iPhone – is through the browser, although it has its own nuances. At first glance, the YouTube web version does not differ from the application: the interface, the like/dislike buttons, Share, etc. are the same.

The convenience is that the bottom panel is hidden when scrolling, unlike the mobile app, but at the right time it may not appear. By the way, if you like to keep the address bar in Safari from above it is even more convenient to use it this way – the two panels below do not interfere with each other and there is no chance of missing them at all. You can disable it by pressing Aa and selecting Hide Toolbar.

Outraged, YouTube in Safari supports full-screen display in vertical mode, and the video itself can be enlarged with a “pinch” or double tap if you need to see something in the frame. Even podcasts that aren’t available on Apple Podcast and other streaming services can be played in the background by minimizing the video and tapping Play in Control Center.

The YouTube browser is best suited for those who are more comfortable with the standard iOS player.

For those used to the standard player in iOS, the familiar interface elements are retained, and in iOS 16 built-in player and almost nothing will differ from the third party! And here are some more cool features of the web version of YouTube.

  • The button to change video quality is directly on the screen, and not hidden like in the application.
  • When minimizing the app YouTube uploads a video so often that when you restart the video you have to reload it.
  • Also available in Safari translation of pages on YouTube in another language: you must click on “Aa” and select “Translate website”.
  • YouTube in Safari lets you share videos using drag-and-drop gestures. This is especially handy on an iPad or iPhone with a large screen. We have described the other gestures in iOS 15 in our article.

Despite some drawbacks related to the same fluidity of the interface, YouTube is more convenient to watch in the browser on an iPhone with a larger screen. For example, on the iPhone SE with a 4.7-inch screen, it turns to torture, but on the iPhone 11, it’s just perfect.

Also, the YouTube app doesn’t look as attractive on the iPad but looks more like an extended mobile version like VK’s. And the browser version is ideal for those who do not use the Premium subscription.

How do you watch YouTube? Tell us in the comments below – it will be interesting to hear your opinion.