12 Strange But Interesting USB devices to buy » 【2023】

If you have more USB ports than you know what to do with, why not get yourself a cool, geeky, and often very useful USB device to fill that USB-shaped void in your life? We found some of the best flash drives on Amazon and didn’t even have to visit them. Think geeky to fill this list with gadget greatness.

In the late 1990s, the USB standard became the default connection standard for virtually all computer peripherals from its humble beginnings. Thanks to the increase in the amount of power that USB can supply, it has also become a popular standard for all types of devices.

Laptops, phones, and tablets can be charged from a USB port, and many devices that have nothing to do with computers. Many homes these days even have USB charging ports built into their regular AC outlets, so any USB device you buy that needs power can be used almost anywhere and with the source. The USB power supply of your choice. This includes USB chargers and power banks.

This USB clock fan uses the same principle as “3D hologram” fans which display images that appear to be floating in space. It’s a clever trick that uses precise modulation of the LEDs arranged next to each blade. This allows this fan to display the current time and temperature.

Besides being a cool party trick (pun intended), this clock fan shows you useful information. You might be worried that the fan blades aren’t encased in a protective cage, but the blades are smooth and shouldn’t cause any damage. Just in case a finger or two is in the wrong place at the wrong time!

If you live in a part of the world with low humidity, a humidifier is a great way to combat the harmful effects that low humidity in the air can have on our health. This includes dry skin, chapped lips, and even nosebleeds.

This small personal humidifier has an internal battery that will keep it running when you don’t have power and it charges easily from a USB port. It continuously creates a fine mist from its 600ml reservoir and releases it with less than 30dB of noise. You can put it on your desk, beside your bed, or plants, and even take it with you on a trip. As long as you have a USB power source, you can keep things as moist as you want.

There are plenty of newer USB humidifiers out there, but we love the sleek look of the SmartDevil, and it’s amazing how such a small device can have such a big impact if you look at what people who’ve bought it are saying.

Thermoelectric (TEC) coolers don’t have all the large, complicated collection of moving parts of a traditional refrigerator. TECs take advantage of the Peltier effect, where heat moves from one electrical junction to another.

This makes a small appliance like this Cooluli mini fridge possible, although it can only provide moderate cooling. The fridge will cool things down to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit below room temperature, but that’s enough to store insulin or skincare products, which is the main purpose of a fridge like this.

Even better, you can also heat things up if you need to. It’s great to have on your desk at work, and you don’t have to worry about a colleague stealing your food.

We love the color selection, with the cow pattern being the cutest of the bunch.

It used to be that an LCD monitor required a power supply and mains connection, but thanks to the wonders of USB and USB-C in particular, you can now buy what is essentially a laptop display panel that receives video and power via USB. Whether you need a second screen for productivity or a compact monitor that you can use as a temporary monitor for a file server or game console, this Lepow display is a great choice.

Unlike many similar USB displays, Lepow offers full 1080p resolution and a mini HDMI port, which means you can connect your console or other HDMI device with the right cable. The display even has a pair of built-in speakers, but as with most small speakers like this, you’ll only want to use them as a last resort.

When we received our first microscope kit in the 90s, it was a pretty basic affair, but it was still a blast to explore the world of the very small, even with a toy-grade device.

So our 10-year-old minds were blown away by this affordable USB microscope, which can work with desktop and mobile devices. The USB connector can be reversed to allow micro USB connections and includes a USB A to USB C dongle adapter for modern devices.

Unfortunately, if you’re using Mini USB, you’re out of luck, but that standard is rare these days anyway, and many Mini USB devices don’t support the OTG (On the Go) you need for a device like this. . Also, while it works with an Apple MacBook, you can’t use it with iPhones or iPads. It’s only for Android.

You get a 2560 x 1440 live video stream to your device, which you can record and save individual frames as photos. Essentially it works like a webcam, except you’re looking through a microscope.

It is capable of magnifying between 40X and 1000X. At least, that’s how it’s advertised, but customers note that it’s closer to 100X, which is still pretty good for the money.

There’s no Bluetooth and it’s powered directly from the USB socket, making it a sleek all-in-one solution that lets you explore the micro world in seconds.

If I knew how dirty a typical keyboard is, I’d never touch one again, but keeping a desk vacuum in your workspace is a great way to keep dirt from building up in the first place.

This little cleaner charges from your computer’s USB port, ready to suck up the crumbs between your keys or the dust that clogs the vents of your laptops. A two-hour charge equals four hours of cleaning.

The vacuum has a small precision nozzle that gets you into small nooks and crannies and is generally a relatively quiet system. It’s also perfect for the artist in your life who uses pencils or other physical media on their desk. Basically, anyone working on a dusty workstation tends to get a little messy.

You never know when the IRS, FBI, or another three-letter agency will tap you on the shoulder, so why not be prepared to throw some troublesome paperwork wherever you are?

Seriously, having a USB-powered paper shredder isn’t just mind-blowing just because such a device exists in the first place. Although the 4.5-inch opening won’t accept standard paper sizes, it takes just a little effort to tear a sheet of US Letter or A4 paper into thirds and shred them into shreds.

The only really negative thing I can say here is that there is no internal battery. You need to provide four AA batteries, which means this device will not charge via USB. But as long as you have a computer or power bank handy, your cryptocurrency receipts and statements can be “deleted” whenever you need them. Save it for your home office setup or take it with you when you need to destroy paper trails on the go.

There are many high-performance USB flash drives, but none compare to the awesomeness of this functional Transformers USB flash drive from Sea Tech. Yes, it’s just a USB 2.0 flash drive, but it can transform into Ravage. Use it to store your collection of retro Transformers episodes or save your Optimus Prime cosplay, it’s up to you!

How awesome can a USB hub be? Mostly, these assistive devices aren’t that exciting, but sometimes quantity has its own quality. While the USB standard can technically connect up to 127 devices, no one comes close. On the other hand, this USB hub from Acasis could get you there.

With 16 huge ports, you can connect a massive amount of peripherals, and best of all, it packs 90W of total power. You can run multiple USB 3 drives, charge many USB devices, or use it as a docking station Ultimate USB.

Another nice feature is that each port has its own physical switch, making it easy to know which device is connected without having to unplug anything. Just make sure your USB cables have a good cable management solution!

A staple of mad scientist movie labs for decades, there’s nothing cooler than a sweet ball of plasma. They’re not hard to find if you’re happy with the traditional big plasma ball you plug into the wall. However, what makes the RioRand Plasma Ball special is that it is quite small and runs on USB power. It’s also so much cooler than any other USB light you can imagine.

You have the option of running it on disposable batteries, but if you’re looking to have a cool light on your desk to mesmerize you with its plasma beams, then USB is the way to go. The plasma ball has its own power switch, so you don’t have to unplug it to turn it off. It’s more than something to watch too. If you’ve never played with a plasma ball, you might not know this, but if you place your finger on the glass, the plasma bolts attract it. It tingles!

When our editors asked for “great” USB devices, they might not have meant something so literal, but this SmartDevil USB fan is seriously awesome.

It’s a sleek USB-powered fan with three speeds and a nifty swivel mechanism that lets you adjust it to virtually any angle.

Not only will it work as a small desktop fan connected to the computer to keep your face cool, but you can also easily plug it into a power bank or car USB socket if you need a little breeze while camping or sitting on the beach.

SmartDevil says this fan is quiet, but the proof is in the pudding. If you take the time to read user reviews of this little guy, it seems the low-noise claims are legit. Despite its compact size and reliance on relatively low-power USB sources, this fan is a fan, not a show!

Nixie tube clocks have been all the rage for a while, but they are also expensive, and Nixie tubes are a finite resource, temperamental, and eventually need to be replaced.

So why not get a clock that simulates the look of a real Nixie tube clock but uses RGB LED lighting technology? That’s exactly what you get with this Lonyabbi watch which does a very useful job of recreating that beautiful retro Nixie glow so you can get that steampunk aesthetic you’ve always wanted.

You can set the RGB color in the Nixie preset, giving it the RGB rainbow treatment. Two finishes are available; you can also order this clock as a DIY kit to assemble yourself. This makes it a great gift for someone who wants to convey a sense of accomplishment.

You can power it from any USB source, a wall charger, or a computer port. Wherever you decide to put your watch, it will look amazing.