So You Can Unlock Your iPhone and Remove your Apple ID with ease

Discover all the functions of WooTechy iDelock and the step by step to be able to unlock your iPhone and your Apple ID without complications.

One of the main reasons for choosing an iPhone or any other Apple device is your security and confidence which he offers us to deposit all our data there. But many times, these security levels get a bit heavy and cumbersome, in the event of failures in the system itself that prevent us from using the device.

Also, who has never forgotten one of their passwords more than once? With so many things we have to use in the tech world, that’s more than allowed, but imagine that you forget your apple id password this is where the problems would start.

For this type of situation, it is necessary to use a tool like WooTech and iDelock to unlock your iPhone, because, in addition to helping us solve the problem, It has a very clean and intuitive user interface, which even the most inexperienced can use easily and quickly.

Even with this tool, you can remove different types of locks on different Apple devices read on to find out all of them and also to know step by step how to unlock your iPhone and remove your Apple ID with ease.

With WooTechy iDelock, you can unlock your iPhone and remove your Apple ID easily.

How to Unlock Your iPhone and Remove Your Apple ID the Easy Way?

WooTechy iDelock is a versatile app because it allows you to remove different types of locks from your iPhone or iPad, you can also remove your Apple ID without using your password turn off Find My iPhone/iPad after removing your Apple ID, delete your MDM profile in just 3 click to get rid of screen lock and screen time and other annoying restrictions.

This tool has a high level of efficiencyMoreover, it is suitable for most users because as we mentioned earlier, it can solve almost all types of locks on iOS devices. Another of its advantages is the ease of use with which it can be used, thanks to the design of its clear and intuitive interface, and also thanks to the detailed instructions on each step of its various functions.

In the case of unlocking the iPhone and deleting Apple ID they will remain permanently, nothing will change unless the system is restored and if necessary you can go back to using WooTechy iDelock to get rid of all locks again.

Step-by-Step Guide to Unlock Your iPhone and Apple ID

1. Install and choose the function

The first thing is to download the application and install it on your computer (it is available for iOS and Android), then just start the software. Once in the program, you will have to choose the option “unlock Apple ID”.

Install WooTechy iDelock and choose to unlock the Apple ID function.

2. Connect your device and accept the request

Now you will have to connect your device using a USB cable to your computer, unlock your iPhone, then just wait for the “connection request” pop-up window and click on “I trust”.

Click trust this connection

3. Unlock your Apple ID

The next step is to click Start to be able to start deleting your Apple ID and the iCloud account on your device, this is where you need to pay special attention as you may come across 2 different scenarios. In the first scenario, have “find my iPhone” disabled you don’t have to do anything and WooTechy iDelock will be able to unlock your iPhone without any problem.

The other scenario would be that he activated the option, and in this case, it is necessary to restore all settings. It’s very simple, you have to go to “settings”, followed by “general”, “reset all settings” and restart your iPhone. Next, you can unlock your iPhone with WooTechy iDelock but it will also need to be set up as new by applying your Apple ID account.

Your Apple ID has been successfully unlocked.

Once you’ve solved these steps, you should now be able to set up your iPhone normally, choose a password to unlock again, and use a new password for your device.

And in case it happens to you again, you can use the tool as many times as you want you can even fix different crashes on different iOS devices without any limits. Download WooTechy iDelock and unlock your iPhone and Apple ID now!