Ungoogled Chromium is the browser you are looking for if you want to forget about Google

Ungoogled Chromium- If you’re looking for a browser that’s as close to Chrome as possible, but without Google integration, this is the app for you.


use chrome as a browser without depending on Google It seemed like an impossible mission, until he arrived Chrome not googled. Although there are many alternative web browsers to Chrome, only this one is able to offer a Same user experience as Chromewithout the additions that the Mountain View company introduces in its application, and which sometimes are not entirely useful.

This browser is distinguished by its lightness, while delivering the experience users expect from Google’s browser. The trick is to remove all the private code that Google introduces in the original version of your browser.

The Chromium icon, the open source version of Google’s browser.

Ungoogled Chromium is a version of Chrome without Google add-ons

In the GitHub repository of this open source project, it is explained that Chrome not googled it’s basically Google Chromium, without the reliance on Google web services.

Ungoogled Chromium pursues the goal of becoming the browser as similar as possible to Chrome in terms of experience, user interface and functions, while integrating tools focused on improving the privacy or transparency of web pagesas well as giving the user control over their data.

One of the biggest changes we found regarding Chrome is that no Google login required be able to use the browser and all its functions. Plus, unlike other privacy-focused Chromium-based browsers, Ungoogled Chromium goes above and beyond. remove all code related to Google web servicesas well as pre-built binaries, disabling features that inhibit control and transparency, or suppressing any remaining background requests to web services while the browser is running.

As soon as you install the browser on your mobile –there are also versions for Linux and macOS–, the first thing that catches your eye is the strong similarity between Ungoogled Chromium and Chrome UI. The menus, UI elements, and commands are identical, which should make it easier to transition from one browser to another.

Moreover, they add features not available in the original version of Chrome, with a primary focus on privacy and security. For example, the option of always open links in incognito tabs or close all tabs when exiting the browser.

It’s possible download Ungoogled Chromium for free on F-Droid, the popular open source app store. To do this, you must first have added the corresponding repository to F-Droid.