Trick to Create a Fake WhatsApp Chat, with everything and notifications

Do you want to make a joke with a fake WhatsApp chat? It is very simple, and here we tell you how to do it from your Android device.

The screenshots of our conversations have many functions. 

Sometimes we use them to show one of our contacts the conversation with someone quickly; we save them if we want to have proof of something – before they delete it – or remember a message without fear of losing it. However, there are times when we wish we could create a fake WhatsApp chat to share something that no one ever said and make our friends laugh.

Where can you create a fake WhatsApp chat?

Although many applications allow you to create fake WhatsApp chats, there is a website where you can access many functions for free that, in most apps, have a cost. To use this page called WhatsApp Fake Chat, you only need a computer and a little creativity to download later the image of the chat you created. However, the notifications are exclusive for Android users.

You can create a fake WhatsApp chat on this page and configure everything you need to make it look authentic. When you open the page, you will find four different sections ‘Phone Settings’, ‘Battery Options’, ‘Connection’ and ‘Messages’, and the preview of the conversation you are creating at the bottom.

Within each of the options, you can write the name of the contact, choose their profile picture, and the messages received and sent. As if that were not enough, to make it look like a real chat, you can change details, such as the type of Internet connection, the blue or grey popcorn or even the battery percentage of the cell phone.

It will be difficult for your friends to detect that it is a fake chat, and you will spend hours of fun making jokes with this new trick.

Make it more real with fake notifications!

To complement your joke with a screenshot of a fake notification, you have to download the Fake Notifications app from Google Play, choose the name, the text that will be shown in the message preview when your phone is locked and finally chooses the icon WhatsApp, since with this app you can send notifications from other applications such as Facebook and Twitter.

Now that you know how to create a fake WhatsApp chat, tell us, what would you use these fun applications for?