What to do If the Touch Bar not Working in Mac?

Touch Bar not Working in Mac: A few years ago, Apple equipped MacBooks with an OLED Touch Bar, replacing the top row of keys with it. It seemed to the company that this was an original and innovative solution, but the fans of the brand did not agree with this and criticized it.

Time has shown that in this case: despite the informative content, it is sometimes in working order, but does not respond to pressure. Apple has already admitted its mistake and returned the physical keys, but for those who have purchased one MacBook with Touch Bar.

Now, you have to live with that somehow. Today we will try to figure out what to do if Touch Bar not Working in Mac.

Touch Bar not Working in Mac, Solving it is easy

How to reset the touch bar on MacBook?

Difficulty The Touch Bar freezes is that the problem may not show up for months, and sometimes occurs out of the blue and even several times a day. There is an easy way to revive the touchpad without restarting the laptop: you need to switch the touchpad settings, after which it will start working.

The trick is to change the touchpad settings

  • Open System Preferences, and select Keyboard.
  • Under Display on Touch Bar, select any other option, such as Expanded Control Strip.
  • After that, we return the previous value and exit the settings.

After the Touch bar will come back to life and begin to respond to touch. This method allows you to get rid of glitches for a long time.

Touch Bar Missing on MacBook

The Touch Bar can be restarted using the SMC controller

The Touch Bar is the exact same screen that may just stop working. If you notice there is nothing on the touchpad, it just lights up black, try resetting the SMC controller. He is responsible for system management on Macs with Intel, which Apple wants to get rid of as soon as possible. In addition, SMC is responsible for the performance of physical elements – the same Touch Bar. If you have a Mac with a T2 chip, you need to do this.

  • Shut down your computer.
  • Press and hold Control, Option (Alt) on the left side, and Shift on the right side for about 7 seconds.
  • Without releasing them, press and hold the power button.
  • Hold down the keys for another 7 seconds, then turn on your MacBook.

If you have a Mac with a different chip, resetting the SMC is done a little differently: you need to hold down the Shift, Control, and Option (Alt) keys on the left side of the keyboard, then press the power button, then hold them down for 10 seconds and turn on the laptop.

How to Quickly Restart the Touch Bar on Macbook

All through a stump bridge: Touch Bar helps bring screen lock to life

If you don’t want to climb into the settings, but need to quickly restart the touch bar you can use the keyboard shortcut.

  • Try pressing the Fn key – users say this sometimes helps get rid of freezing, but the method doesn’t always work.
  • Press Ctrl + Command + Q at the same time – this is the keyboard shortcut to lock the screen.
  • Or click the Apple icon in the upper left corner and select Lock Screen.

Thus, the screen will be locked and all running applications will continue to work, data will not be lost. After that, unlock the screen in a convenient way: you will see that the Touch Bar will start to respond to pressure.

Hung Touchbar – What to do?

If a touch bar is stuck on MacBook, you can fix it through the Terminal application, which is available on any Mac computer. You can find it in the Utility folder in Finder or Spotlight search. Then do everything according to the instructions: open the terminal and enter the commands.

You can restart the Touch Bar through the Terminal

sudo pkill “Touchbar Agent”;

sudo killall “ControlStrip”;

You can copy them directly from here: after pasting them into the terminal, press “Enter”. the first team restarts the Touch Bar, and the second is the system process responsible for it. Do not be afraid: the terminal will ask you to enter your account password – enter it and press “Enter”. After entering, it will seem that nothing is happening and the system is frozen – this is also normal. The system will restart the process that controls the Touch Bar and it will work again.

You can manually stop the process responsible for the Touch Bar

Also, you can go to System Monitor and in the “CPU” tab “manually search for the process”SpacesTouchBarAgentclick on “Stop” and confirm the end of the process. This will end the process and restart.

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