What are the top Games on Apple Arcade?

Are you a fan of speed and adrenaline? Enjoy the Top Games on Apple Arcade, show your skills, and achieve victory.

Apple-arcade is a service for mobile game subscription by Apple and unlike services like Google Stadia That is Xbox Game Pass games must be installed on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV.

However, it differs in that it does not require an internet connection to enjoy the games, so by installing them it is possible to access them from anywhere. Even better, all games are without advertising or purchase within the app.

Are you a fan of speed and adrenaline? Enjoy the best racing games on Apple Arcade, show your skills, and win.

Thanks to your monthly subscription system you have access to more than 200 titles in different categories, having the racing games as one of the most popular apple-arcade. If you dare to try this service, here are some of the best representatives in this category.

Have fun with the Top Games on Apple Arcade

  • Wild Hearts of Sayonara
  • super impossible road
  • speed demons
  • Agent intercept
  • toboggan
  • sonic race
  • Warp drive

In this selection of the Top Games on Apple Arcade, you will find traditional cars at full speed to spaceships, planes, and why not, some well-known characters from the world of video games. But how about getting to know each of these titles?

Wild Hearts of Sayonara

Sayonara Wild Hearts: Motorcycle Adventure and Dance Battles

When a young woman’s heart breaks, the balance of the universe is at stake and your mission is to restore it. This is how SWild Hearts of Ayonara focuses on an adventure where you ride a motorcycle, skateboard, or do dance battles while firing a laser or wielding a sword in epic combat.

visit a celestial highway to the beat of an amazing soundtrack as you chase the scores and fight for your goal. It’s an addictive and fun game with awesome graphics what are you going to like?

Super Impossible Road

Super Impossible Road: sequel to the famous game Impossible Road

super impossible road is the sequel to the acclaimed game impossible road incorporating new modes, online games, and much more. Travel through space and race on amazing and challenging tracks while battling with up to 8 opponents in one race for being the first to cross the finish line.

Visit dozens of levels full of difficulties and multiple modes complete the single-player campaign and ranked modes, customize and upgrade your vehicle to defeat your enemies, and more. In addition, its ambient soundtrack full of electronic and techno music will transport you to another dimension.

Speed Demons

Speed ​​Demons: Highway Racing Simulator

Speed ​​Demons: Highway Racing Simulator

If you are looking for a road racing simulator full of speed, adrenaline, heavy traffic and realistic physics-based crashes, speed demons it will enchant you. Incredible events, vehicles, and even 8 game modes are different, and fun is guaranteed.

Choose between more than 25 different cars fully upgradeable from small to supercars and huge semi-trailers to complete 8 awesome game modes: Race, Checkpoint, Escape, Pursuit, Rampage, and more. With over 200 unique events you will never have the opportunity to get bored.

Agent Intercept

Cover all types of terrain and save lives with Agent Intercept

Cover all types of terrain and save lives with Agent Intercept

Have you ever dreamed of being a super spy? With Agent intercept, you can experience a very similar adventure. Take the scepter control super vehicle improved, transformed, and equipped with all kinds of spy devices. Cover all types of terrain earth, water, and air, and save the day.

Count with a campaign mode with three incredible chapters, climbing positions in the leaderboard, complete side quests, and much more, with a diverse cast of characters and excellent graphics that will blow your mind every second.


Lifeslide: 21 unique levels and 6 aircraft models

Life slide: 21 unique levels and 6 aircraft models

Of course, not all apple arcade racing games should be full of action, adrenaline, and adventure. That’s why you should know toboggan relaxing and a captivating game where you will be a paper plane that embarks on a metaphorical journey through the seven stages of life.

Here, gravity is your engine, so the braver you are, the better you will fly. Get closer to the ground and you will gain speed as you beat each level in an ever-changing world. Their historical model has 21 unique levels Yes 6 aircraft models with unique flight styles.

sonic race

Sonic Racing: fun multiplayer races

Sonic Racing: fun multiplayer races

If you are a fan of racing games, you will surely meet the fastest hedgehog in the world: Sonic. Embody this and others 15 characters from the Sonic universe and take part in an amazing multiplayer experience by collecting power-ups, placing traps and fights with your enemies to get to the finish line first.

sonic race has different game modes: single player, multiplayer and between friends. In any case, you have the possibility of create your team with different characters unique abilities in more than 15 titles with the help of the Wisp. You’re ready?

Warp drive

Warp Drive: high-speed tournaments and more

Warp Drive: high-speed tournaments and more

Ultimately, Warp drive it’s an arcade-style racing game with a fast and dizzying style, where you will take control of your QUAD ROTOR RACERyou will equip it with a Warp module and you will have to participate in high-speed tournaments that will test your driving skills.

Throughout your experience, you can improve your car, and add new abilities such as DRIFT, BOOST, or WARP which help you achieve victory more easily. Ultimately, a game with excellent graphics fun, and full of emotion.

as you will see, apple-arcade has an option for everyone, so if you are a fan of racing games, it’s time to put your skills to the test and conquer all these games that we have compiled for you.