10 Tips for Windows 11 That will Save You Every Day

Tips for Windows 11, Windows 11 was a surprise when we were all used to windows 10. Over time, some of us have updated Windows and taken advantage of features like the new Start menu, widgets, or Android app support.

But beyond what is announced by Microsoft, there are new tips for Windows 11 every day, small discoveries that make our daily lives easier.

As usual in Windows, things can always be done in several ways. And it’s possible that what you’re doing somehow has a shortcut or a trick that you did not know and that will save you time, it will be more comfortable for you or, directly, it will give you access to the options you were looking for and you didn’t know where they were.

Best Tips for Windows 11

So without further ado, here are some tricks for Windows 11 with which everything will be easier, faster and more comfortable. We do not know for how long We’ll be using Windows 11, but we know that once you understand these tips, there’s no going back.

The Secret Start Menu

One of the new features of Windows 11 is its revamped start menu. Instead of the usual menu, you will now see a window with a search engine and shortcuts to the applications you have installed and the last documents you have used. From there, search for what you want in the search engine and it will appear instantly.

But as a second option, you have a start menu alternative or secret. Its purpose is to show all the Windows tools and functions that we usually need on certain occasions and that are not always in the foreground.

This secret Start menu is very simple, a list that includes Windows Terminal, Computer Management, System, Run, Task Manager, Power Options, etc. Basically, everything you had on hand in the already abandoned Control Panel and what is this for customizing Windows.

Accessing this alternative Start menu is easy. Simply press the Windows key and the letter X or do a right click on the Start menu icon.

Where is the Dark Mode?

Android and iOS, macOS and now Windows have a dark mode. Dark mode or night mode has become fashionable. A way to change the look of the operating system with darker tones and, incidentally, to save battery life and hurt your eyes less at night.

Windows 11 couldn’t be an exception and it has a dark mode that you can activate manually. From the Windows settings we will Personalization > Colors > Choose your mode. There you can choose between light mode and dark mode. It mainly affects the background and windows of Windows and other applications. Also to the pages you load in the browser.

If you just want Windows 11 to have a darker tone, you can use the dark theme directly. Since Settings > Personalization you will find a selection of themes for Windows 11. Among them, are those that correspond to light mode and dark mode.

The Concentration Assistant

Among the most visible cheats for Windows 11, or notable among new Windows features, is what is known in English as tune-up sessions Where Tuning aid and in Spanish, focus assistant. As the name suggests, its job is to keep you from being distracted by anything you can see in Windows 11 and focus on this document or the file you are working on.

Available from Settings > System > Focus Assist, it’s the Windows version of your phone’s already classic meeting mode. Android and iOS make it easy to turn off your smartphone if you’re in a meeting or working. This disables notifications, notices, and new messages.

In Windows 11, Focus Assist does the same thing. You can disable everything or just allow alarms and/or notifications from a list of priorities that you will configure beforehand. You can activate it manually or schedule it when you are going to play, at a time of day, when using an application in full screen, etc.

The usual context menu

Another novelty of Windows 11 is its new context menu, the one you see when you click something with the right mouse button or with two fingers on your trackpad. This new menu is simpler and displays only the most important ones.

But you might prefer to go back to the usual context menu, the window of all life. It includes more options and it will be more convenient for you depending on the tasks. You can recover it momentarily by right-clicking on Show more options… or going to the keyboard shortcut Shift + F10.

Instant Screenshots

To take screenshots in Windows 11 we have the biopsy tool. Its name says it all. By default, we can open it from the start menu and thus capture screen fragments, the entire screen or an active window. The tool is very complete, but it has the particularity that we depend on its main window.

But if you want to speed up the process of taking a screenshot, we can use a hotkey for that. The most popular, the one of all life, is to press the key Screenshot Where Screenshot. By pressing this key, a screenshot of the entire screen or full screen will go to the clipboard. Paste it into any image or drawing application to save it. If you want to save the capture automatically press Windows Key + Print Screen.

What if in Windows 11 you press the keys Windows + Shift + S, a simplified version of the snipping tool will appear to allow you to choose the type of snipping you want to perform: a rectangle, a snippet with hand-trimmed margins, snip a window, or snip the whole screen.

This capture will go to the clipboard, although for a few seconds you will see a catch thumbnail to view it in the snipping tool, edit and save it.

Shake one window to hide the others

Occasionally, we open various applications, documents and folders. A result is an endless number of open windows that become hard-to-order chaos. If you want to focus on one window and hide others at once, you can do it in a curious way.

We select a window and without releasing it, we shake it. All other windows will be hidden. By default, this feature of Windows 11 is disabled. But activating it is as simple as going to Settings > System > Multitasking and enabling the “Shake title bar in windows” option.

Storage Under Control

Among the new features of Windows, some are inherited from iOS and Android. The goal is to simplify the options displayed so that most users find what they want the first time. This means that many menus have been simplified or unified. This is the case of available disk space.

If we go to Settings > System > Storage In Windows 11 we will find a new way to see what we are using disk space for. In addition to the total and available space of the main disk, we will see what applications and games or temporary files occupy. clicking on Show more categories We will also see music, videos, photographs, system files, documents, and maps…

It will make it easier for you and how do some housework remove duplicates, move content to your cloud or external storage, delete what you don’t want to keep.

If you’re tired of typing, tell your computer

In recent years, Microsoft has gone to great lengths to introduce major improvements in reading text aloud, or recognizing your voice and converting it to typed text. In Windows 11 there are voice functions that we can activate and it is also possible to dictate aloud so that Windows will take care of transcribing it in any text application you have open.

pressing the keys Windows+H this dictation mode will be activated. It is also activated from the microphone icon of the virtual keyboard. The first time we will have to do a voice test so that the tool learns to recognize us and can make a good transcription.

A Clipboard as God intended

There are new features in Windows 11 that affect such small details that they go unnoticed. In this compilation of tricks for Windows 11, the Windows Clipboard could not be missing, one of the oldest tools and one that we constantly use, without realizing it. Every time you do CTRL+C and CTRL+V, the clipboard is there.

Windows 11 allows your clipboard to be much more than usual. Specifically, add a history to paste various things in whatever order you want. The usual thing in Windows is to copy something and paste it. But if you copy two things, you can only paste the last one.

When you enable clipboard history (key Windows+V) you will be able to choose which element to paste. It includes text, images, links, files… Another advantage of this new clipboard is that it allows you to insert emojis, emoticons and GIF animations into any text field: web pages, documents, chats, emails…

Battery usage by Apps

The battery is an essential component of your Windows 11 laptop or tablet. So, the more information the system gives us, the better decisions we can make regarding battery consumption and charge.

If we go to Settings > System > Power & Battery we will find everything we need to customize the behavior of Windows 11 when it depends on the battery. At an informative level, we will see a graph with the battery level. If we click on See detailed information we’ll see how long the screen has been on or off, the battery percentage in the last 24 hours and, most interestingly, what apps consume more battery.