TikTok Educational Program to Learn Marketing

TikTok Educational Program: They are launching a new educational initiative to help advertisers learn about the different features of the platform. Thus, advertisers can attract their audience to TikTok.

Learn more about TikTok

The program Creative Agency Partnerships University (CAP) is intended to learn aspects of effective TikTok creation. It is a personalized learning program that allows enrollees to join the courses they want. Registrants can customize their learning program based on their areas of growing interest.

You can even attend the office hours live session with the TikTok CAP team to deepen your knowledge. After completing the program, registrants will be able to continue to conduct business for their clients through marketing. The new educational program is led by TikTok’s own creative team and facilitates new creator connections.

TikTok Educational Program: What you Can expect?

tick tock 101

It is a module that teaches the basics of TikTok to start managing customer relationships with confidence.

TikTok: From briefing to pitching

Learn how to translate a campaign request or client challenge into a robust TikTok report that leads to impactful work.

Concept and creation for TikTok

Know best practices for conceptualizing and creating great brand ideas.

Musical trends and licenses

Understand how content becomes “trending” and how to navigate general and royalty-free music usage.

Collaboration with creators

Find out how the TikTok Creator Marketplace works and how to get involved in the creator community.

When do classes start?

The courses will take place in the form of live webinar sessions starting April 19. Sessions will begin by helping creative agencies learn the basics of TikTok. The final session is designed to dive into the TikTok Creator Marketplace, the company’s internal influencer marketing platform.

TikTok’s new educational initiative will allow the company to create and train new associations of creators while allowing agencies to be better positioned to advertise on the platform. Interested persons can register by filling out a form. Please also note that the TikTok learning program is only available in English and openings are limited.


If TikTok wants its top stars to keep posting, it has to pay them, because they can migrate to other apps. Like what happened with Vine, which is now gone. Monetizing short videos is difficult because there are far fewer advertising opportunities.

Therefore, TikTok needs to educate advertisers to take advantage of all the platform’s opportunities. This produces more ads and more revenue for content creators.