The Witcher Episode 4 Explained: What We Know So Far

The Witcher Episode 4 Explained: It’s official! A new game in The Witcher franchise is in development. This has been confirmed by CD Projekt RED, the studio behind all the episodes of this popular saga and which will be in charge of the new video game.

Although at the moment we do not have much more information about this installment, there are several problems that we can already solve, which we will mention below

What will be the final name of The Witcher 4?

Announcing the new The Witcher

On March 21, CD Project RED sounded the alarm bell announcing that it would be working on a new game in The Witcher franchise. That’s when all the fans of the saga named this new title The Witcher 4, something totally wrong because it has been confirmed. Radek Grabowskidirector of studio public relations.

through his, TwitterRadek Grabowski mentioned a number of errors that The Witcher fans had assumed with the introduction of the new game. He mentioned that CD Projekt I hadn’t announced a game called The Witcher 4implying that it will have another name and that at no time has it confirmed that it will be exclusive to a single store since it was developed with the technology of epic games.

Who will be the protagonist of The Witcher 4?

The rumors that CD Projekt RED was working on a new opus of The Witcher have been circulating among video game fans for several months. These same rumors also spoke of the person who would be the protagonist of this new title, rumors that were rekindled after the studio confirmed its new project.

Yes OK, Geralt of Rivia was the one who starred in the first 3 installments of The Witcher franchise, CD Projekt RED has already confirmed that the presentation medallion is not that of the white-haired witcher. The study has not yet confirmed the protagonist of this new saga, but it has announced that the animal shown in the medallion is a lynx, so it belongs to a wizard of the Lynx School.

What technology will take The Witcher 4?

One of the big changes that The Witcher franchise will have with this new installment is that it will be developed with Unreal Engine 5 Technology. In this way, CD Projekt RED will set aside its own technology, the RED engine that he used until now and will use the one developed by the company Epic Games.

Will The Witcher 4 be exclusive to Epic Games?

One of the most striking novelties of the new game developed by CD Projekt RED is that it will use the technology of epic games. This caused many players They thought the game was going to be exclusive of this store, which they have already denied in the study itself.

The Witcher 4 release date

Although having made the official announcement of the next opus of The Witcher, CD Projekt RED has not given any idea about what could be the release date of this new game. Considering the difference between The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077 It is also not possible to establish an established average time since the first took them 3.5 years for their development, while the second took more than 5 years. Either way, the game shouldn’t arrive until at least 2025knowing that for the moment they have only officially presented the project.

The Witcher 4 Platform Games

While CD Projekt has confirmed that this new Witcher game will be developed with Epic Games technology, it is expected to reach many other platforms. Previous games from the same franchise, such as The Witcher Wild Hunt, debuted on PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms, coming to Nintendo Switch years later. That’s why the new game should come out at least on PC and in next-gen consoles however, we will have to wait for the study itself to confirm this.