What is Telegram Premium, how to install it and what does a paid subscription give

Telegram Premium: In 2020, Pavel Durov announced that paid features would appear in Telegram. Advertising that appears on channels from time to time is one of the ways the messenger earns, but does not interfere with users. But that’s not all: in addition to advertising Telegram will have a paid subscription and over time more and more details become known about him.

For example, the other day in the beta version of Telegram for iOS, they found the interface of the paid version, which means you can expect its release very soon. To tell about Premium Telegramhow to install it and why it is a necessary measure for the messenger to work.

Telegram Premium: Telegram will have a paid subscription

Premium Telegram is a great way to earn money for the messenger and the opportunity to have exclusive features for users and channel authors. There are no data on the full set of functions yet, but it has already become clear from the beta version that paid subscription to Telegram will have some advantages. By the way, we’re probably not talking about public betas – these features aren’t currently available but may appear in the future.

The paid version of Telegram will contain features that are not available to regular users.

As you understand, this Telegram Premium feature will not be restricted: most likely, channel advertising will also disappear for users, and authors will be able to disable official advertisements for all users.

On the other hand, there is a high probability that for ordinary users, some conditions will get even worse, as there should be differences between the free version and the paid subscription.

For the moment, the data on the cost of a paid Telegram subscription is no – the developers themselves probably haven’t decided on the prices yet. Most likely, for different regions, they will be different.

It is likely that messaging will also offer business services to users: for example, advanced functions for managing channels, mailing to customer bases, and even launching company chats with additional functionalities. Also, you need to pay attention to the number of chips that the messenger has recently offered – broadcasts can replace YouTube and other social networks. Either way, innovation has to pay off.

How to Install Telegram Beta?

It is not yet possible to download Telegram Premium, and indeed the premium version is a separate subscription, but you can try installing the beta version if necessary. This will allow you to be one of the first to know the details of the new application. To do this, you need to do everything according to the instructions.

You can try installing the beta version of Telegram, but you have to do it quickly

  • Install the Testflight app on your iPhone so that you can download the beta version of Telegram.
  • Subscribe to the iOS Beta Slots Telegram channel to learn more about new slots in the test program in time. Don’t turn off notifications!
  • As soon as it becomes possible to join the test, follow the link in the message.
  • Install the beta version of Telegram on your iPhone. Please note that the app will replace the main one and your accounts may be disabled.

Please note that the number of slots in the Telegram beta test is limited, so it is important to quickly download the application on your smartphone.

How does Telegram Make Money?

In 2015, we learned that each month Pavel Durov spends on Telegram about $1 million a month, and does it with personal funds. True, the audience then was much smaller – about 50 million users.

Last March, the audience exceeded 500 million people, and this year the figure should approach one billion users. According to Pavel Durov’s forecast, which he presented to his investors a few years ago, it was planned to spend around $220 million on Telegram in 2021.

Previously, Pavel Durov paid Telegram expenses from his own funds, but now it is more difficult to do this.

Earlier, Pavel Durov planned to launch the TON ecosystem, which was supposed to replace the ordinary Internet and have its own payment system TON Payments. Unfortunately, according to the decision of the American court, the project had to be closed and the investors demanded their money: Durov offered non-American investors to return 110% in one year or 72% immediately, but by the end of 2020 he paid more than $1.2 billion.

However, Telegram is on its way to reaching one billion active users, which means that the cost of renting cloud servers is also increasing. The company is known to borrow it from other companies in different countries.

Experts cannot accurately estimate how much they cost Telegram maintenance costs: for example, in 2019, the cost of maintaining VKontakte and Odnoklassniki services was in the range of 23 billion rubles, given that they are actively monetized. According to experts, Telegram charges are much lower – 4 times exactly, taking into account the more modest team of developers, which is about 5 billion rubles per year.

In any case, an actively developing Telegram will be able to earn money on a premium subscription, but at the same time, it will not bother other users or limit them in any way.