Surface Laptop Studio review: a mix of emotions

Months after its launch in the United States, Microsoft has decided to launch the Surface Laptop Studio in Spain, the most particular laptop in the entire line of products that the company currently sells.

Spiritually, this machine replaces the Surface Book 2, the most powerful computer Microsoft has released in quite some time. But this Surface Laptop Studio goes further in its formula, also integrating a screen capable of adopting three different positions . In other words, it’s not just Microsoft’s most powerful new laptop; It also offers a different concept with this multi-faceted screen.

The target audience for this computer, as Microsoft tries to make clear from the start, is professionals who need a powerful and versatile machine. Especially those in the creative fields, where the flexibility of its screen, which is also compatible with the Surface Pen, comes into its own.

So is this the computer this type of user should buy?

Surface Laptop Studio Review

Microsoft always pays attention to detail, and the Surface Laptop Studio is no exception

It’s always been clear to me that if I were to buy a new Windows laptop, Microsoft Teams would be among my top picks. The American company is one of the few to give that extra attention to detail that is so important in a machine you spend dozens of hours with every week. And the new Surface Laptop Studio is no exception to this rule.