How to Make Stack browsers More Efficient?

How to Make Stack browsers More Efficient?  Stack Browser is an innovative new web browser. Stack targets users who want to increase the productivity and efficiency of their web browsers.

The development team even calls it the “browser for productivity”. So what is Stack Browser and how does it work?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the Browser and discuss the features of the Stack, which can make you more efficient, productive, and focused.

What is the Stack Browser?

Stack is a web browser designed to increase the efficiency of working on the Internet. The development team aims to enable different applications simultaneously, with fast navigation and a neat and intuitive user experience.

Slack also seeks to address the state of disorientation and distraction on the internet by allowing users to rearrange their experience to suit their needs.

The development team started calling Stack the first “operating system for the Internet”. Indeed, as development progressed, Stack became more of an internet organizer than just a browser.

The latest version of the Stack browser, Stack 3.0, is now available on macOS and Windows.

How does Stack increase your efficiency?

There are several features that enhance the Stack Browser experience – let’s take a look.

Tableless navigation and parallel screen view

Stack does not use tabs. Instead, it uses batteries. Each pile is a combination of “cards” that correspond to each application or website that you would like to open in that pile. These appear in the “spacebar”, which is the toolbar to the left of the main screen. When you switch to the pile, all the cards in that pile will open up in different panels.

Seamless Switch

The switch is the stack shortcut function. You can access it by pressing Control + L (⌘ + L on Mac) and appears as a basic search field. You can type any app, keyword or space in the field and it will switch there immediately.

The Spaces

Stack lets you organize your apps into separate spaces. For example, you might want to have a “fun” space and a “work” space. If you put all your work apps in the “work” space, you can switch between them without being distracted by the ones you don’t need access to.

To add a space, click the “Yes” in the upper left corner and select create a new space. Name it and go.

Simultaneous use of Applications

In Stack, you can open multiple web pages, apps, or other windows at the same time (just like in Windows). Moreover, Stack has a shortcut bar where you can add your most used apps or websites.

Drag and Drop Function

To make the UX even smoother, you can drag and drop cards, stacks, and spaces. You can drag them via their toolbar or via the three vertical dots that appear when you hover over them.

Save the cards. Instead of just using bookmarks, Stack lets you save more than just links. For example, register your personal Twitter account by tapping Control + S (Where ⌘ + S on Mac). Just type the name you want to call this card by, then select Save.

Ad Shield and Tracker Blocker

Stack offers a tracker and an ad blocker called a publicity shield. Unfortunately, very little information is provided about this feature, so it’s unclear how it compares to the best ad blockers for other browsers.

To activate Ad Shield, click your Profile at the bottom left of the screen and select publicity shield.

Then make sure that Block ads and trackers It is activated.


You can use many popular browser extensions, including several Chrome productivity extensions, and Stack aims to add more as development progresses. To activate them, click on your Profile then select Extensions. You can install extensions by clicking install extension.

Focus Mode

Stack’s focus mode blocks all notifications from any app or website you have open. Activate focus mode by selecting the Bell icon in the left toolbar.

Automatic update function

The auto-update feature allows you to set a timer to update the map you want. This is great for people like stock traders and influencers who need to pay attention to real-time changes. This is currently only available to PRO subscribers.

How much does the battery cost?

Currently, there is a free PRO version of Stack.

The free version offers:

  • Unlimited cards and stacks
  • three spaces
  • multiple accounts
  • desktop notifications
  • Synchronization
  • Cross-platform support
  • Dark theme
  • Compatibility with Chrome extensions
  • Ad blockers and trackers
stack browser

The PRO version adds an auto-update feature and unlimited spaces. It costs $8.40 per month or $84.00 per year.

Is this the right stack for you?

Stack is an innovative new approach to web browsing. Unlike almost all other web browsers, it is almost completely different.

Focusing on more than just websites, Stack lets you efficiently organize your social media, websites, apps, emails, and more. in a “stack” of separate parallel panels for easy multitasking.

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